Hangxinjing high-speed extension December 1st opening Hangzhou to Wuyuan will walk less 60 kilometer 9c8996

Hangxinjing high-speed extension December 1st opening Hangzhou to Wuyuan will be less walk 60 kilometers (map) to Wuyuan after less walk about 60 kilometers yesterday, reporters from Hangzhou high-speed traffic police detachment and HangQian Expressway Development Company Limited was informed that the Hangxinjing high-speed extension has been completed, and will be officially opened in December 1st, starting from zero. Hangxinjing speed along the famous beauty. With the extension of the opening, Hangxinjing high-speed implementation of traffic function from Hangzhou to Changshan, Mount Sanqingshan, Wuyuan, Kaihua, Jingdezhen and other places. Hangzhou high-speed traffic police detachment of traffic police, the official name of Hangxinjing high-speed extension, G60N Hangjinqu high-speed line. Double track is what mean? In short, the two roads are basically the same starting point, the same end of the relationship. The first line can not meet the traffic demand, so there are second lines called "double track". Therefore, this section of the road opened, will greatly reduce the traffic burden of Hangjinqu expressway. In the future, go to the direction of Jiangxi Hangjinqu driver once blocked, can take the angle of exchange S33 Lu Tang Long Li Wen Mu Qiu – – eight high-speed interchange Hangjinqu high-speed line. If you are going to the usual mountain, Kaihua, Mount Sanqingshan, Wuyuan, Jingdezhen and other places, you can enter the Hangxinjing high-speed directly in the south of Hangzhou, a road to the south. And go before Quzhou, compared to about 60 km trip will be shortened. Note that the G60N of Quzhou, double speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour, and the way to the mountains, bridges and tunnels are many and large gap, the road traffic situation is complex, the traffic police department to remind the driver must abide by the law civilization driving. High speed traffic police will be additional signs, increase the electronic monitoring efforts, thorough investigation of speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, illegal parking, not according to the provisions of the lane and other key violations, to further improve the traffic environment. Related news this year rule blocking measures which are done well, you to vote in November, in the Hangzhou daily official from WeChat, Hangzhou rule blocking office, the Hangzhou municipal civilization office, Hangzhou City Bureau of Education jointly organized the second session of the Hangzhou municipal traffic rule blocking "five top ten" selection activities officially started. Activities will be the selection of the annual best plugging scheme, ten ten rule blocking rule blocking hotshots, golden idea, ten traffic service model, top ten civilized traffic ambassador, this two days are the selection of the top ten plugging scheme. Therefore, blocking the work done well, the public has the final say. Personalized plugging scheme due to the construction of the underground passage, all the way all the way to the beginning of last year, many people have no temper blocking. This road has been significantly changed in the year, in September this year, all the way the congestion is improved. This change is an effective way to promote the work of blocking the city of Hangzhou. In all the way and the staff crossing, you will find that this intersection is amazing, channelization design in this intersection, and adjust the signal direction and time, the traffic police department spent a lot of time, make the peak morning and evening, staff road and large flow can smooth all the way through. This year, Hangzhou City Traffic Police Bureau in the city to do a lot of.相关的主题文章: