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He is very happy: Hengda win the termination of Lippi did not want to comment [Planning] full review Hengda this season road win six consecutive. No one can stop Guangzhou Xinhua news Guangzhou Hengda the evening of 23 in the twenty-eighth round of the super 1 1 draw with Yanbian flight home court, ahead of two consecutive lock 6. Plus took over the first year of the championship, Hengda still maintained a year to win record. After the game, Hengda coach Scolari talked about his future, said there is no substantive progress. Whether Scolari will stay? "On my question, I’m still trying to fulfill the contract with Guangzhou. There has been no substantial progress in the future, "Scolari said at a post match press conference. Guangzhou Evergrande were not prepared to renew their contract with Scolari, who had signed a contract with Lippi in August. But the national football coach suddenly vacant, Hengda recommended Lippi as a football coach, Lippi in the final 22 days with the Chinese Football Association Agreement, while Hengda also lifted and Lippi signed a contract manager. Therefore, Hengda, Scolari has become the current contract renewal. And just led the team to win the Super League champions at the hands of the Brazilians, undoubtedly have more chips. Talking about the game, Scolari said: "I am still very happy, made this year in the championship, six consecutive. The opponent Pinqiang degree and serious degree for this result are very good, I was very happy." Asked about Lippi’s position as coach, Scolari said: "on the national team, I do not want to comment, after all, I am a club coach. I hope Lippi success, leading the Chinese team to achieve better results, I need help will certainly help."相关的主题文章: