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Heating service needs more precise delivery Pang LAN commentary authors every year at the beginning of November the beginning of the cold weather, people seem to be the most difficult days, but since yesterday, the city began two days ahead of the official heating. When the heating began to warm, comfortable home life and re open. But there have been media reports, according to the average cost of heating season, every day in advance or extended heating, the city needs to increase spending 70 million yuan. Central heating economic costs and environmental costs can not be ignored, but in the northern winter, heating is indispensable. So, how to reduce the cost in the case of the protection of warmth, is the need to continue to study and improve the problem. According to reports, yesterday morning at 10 am, the media reporter to follow the thermal group came to the temperature of the residents of Chaoyang District Chen home temperature measurement, 23.4 degrees, 22.1 degrees, 21.8 degrees c…… The room temperature is above 21 degrees celsius. Mr. Chen told reporters, usually wear unlined garment at home feel very warm. Such a daily experience, which shows that the district heating protection, the heat sector fulfilled the duties, but may also be two questions: first, it is not the coldest time, when the outdoor temperature dropped to minus ten degrees, people can enjoy is not 18 degrees above room temperature? Second, if the winter indoors only need to wear unlined garment, it is not a "luxury"? In fact, heating is not too hot or too hot has been a common problem of the two. In some areas, in particular, does not belong to the jurisdiction of the old district heating group, heating is not uncommon, such as nine o’clock am I live in the room only 16.5 degrees. Although in accordance with the provisions of the period since the date of repair to room temperature standard heating fee will be in proportion to refund, but sometimes, individual heating units will be at two or three pm to temperature, then I’m afraid at room temperature up to 18 degrees no suspense…… But in some areas, as well as some shopping malls and other public places, is in a hot air blowing. So, on the one hand may make people feel discomfort in the hot room, indoor and outdoor large temperature and easy to cause colds; on the other hand, let the low temperature point can also further reduce the economic cost, and less consumption of energy. Therefore, the temperature needs to be more standardized standards, such as a few points, the number of outdoor temperature measurement, but also need to focus on the problem of excessive temperature. For the construction of heating temperature is too high, the same should take effective means to control, so that the loss of more than enough to fill". Of course, some of the old buildings are not hot, and some of the new residential or public places too are caused by historical reasons, but in the "black" technology is constantly produced today, we also look forward to the emergence of new technology and new methods of heating, in order to achieve a more accurate, more personalized heating services in the warm service at the same time, as far as possible to reduce a little carbon emissions, contributing to the blue sky. For example, a few years ago, the District installed a thermostat, residents can adjust the heating valve, heating control. So, this technology can not be upgraded, installed in the heating pipe, as far as possible so that most of the district to achieve relatively accurate temperature control? ]相关的主题文章: