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"Hedge + loose" drive gold prices hit a three month high of 2016 – year financial Sohu, international crude oil fell, the global stock market adjustment, many countries exchange rate turmoil, when many risky assets have been panic selling, the international gold has come forward, as of February 4th closing, the international price of gold at $1157.5, a record high since 3 months, two months or more than 9%. Experts pointed out that the "double hedge + loose" driving factors will continue to push up the price of gold, but investors should not be blindly optimistic, the main factors to start raising interest rates, the dollar strong dollar this year is still restricting the gold market, gold market is more likely to show a wide fluctuation situation. Since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in mid December last year, the international gold price showed a bottom concussion pattern. Last December, the international gold price around 1060 U. S. dollars / ounce wide concussion, a month later, gradually higher since 2016. Affected by the outer disk drive, since the new year the domestic gold price increases significantly. By the end of February 4th, the domestic spot gold closed at 241.79 yuan per gram, while in January 4th the price was 224.79 yuan per gram. Hedging is the main factor driving the first wave of gold." Shanghai Futures Institute deputy director Lining said that in January 27 the Fed FOMC resolution issued for the sector, prior to the global stock market crash, international oil prices fall, emerging economies exchange rate devaluation, the panic factor driving the safe haven demand for gold, pushing gold out of the consolidation trend in December last year, gold it has become one of the most beautiful assets worldwide in January. Obviously, international gold is gaining from the new round of hedging mode that has been opened around the world since the new year, and now the more and more important factor driving the gold continues to rise in the short term, the effect of the devaluation of the dollar is gradually reflected. Lining believes that after the Fed’s January 27 Japan interest-rate resolution issued, because the Fed are worried about the U.S. economy and the global financial turmoil, the market is expected to start dollar hike back greatly fear goes on, the United States economic data superimposed on the 3 Federal Reserve officials of speech and the recent weak, have contributed nearly two days the gold market. 3, the dollar index fell Powei, down to 1.5%, hit a 3 month low, also hit the biggest one-day fall in 7 years. 4, the dollar index continued to drop by 0.8%. Affected by this, the international price of gold rose by more than 2 3%. Looking ahead, analysts pointed out that the two dollar crash could not simply consider the end of the dollar bull market. On the gold market, the short-term price rises substantially, the factors restrict the straddle staggered gold, are more likely to show a broad market shocks market outlook. Chinese gold industry association predicted that last year continued strong dollar, leading to a lower commodity price pressure, but gold relative to other commodities, prices basically stable, gold investment inflection point, manufacturing and sales of gold bullion, data both rosy, ended the downward trend since September 2013. It can be expected that China’s gold consumption will return to growth trend in the future.

“避险+宽松”驱动 金价创下三个月来新高-搜狐理财   2016开年,国际原油大跌、全球股市大调整、不少国家汇率大动荡,而当不少风险资产都遭恐慌性抛售时,国际黄金却“挺身而出”,截至2月4日收盘,国际金价收盘于1157.5美元,创下3个月以来新高,两个月内的涨幅超过了9%。   专家指出,“避险+宽松”的双轮驱动因素还将继续推升金价,但投资人不宜盲目乐观,美元再启加息、强势美元仍是制约今年黄金行情的主要因素,黄金行情更可能呈现宽幅波动局面。   自美联储去年12月中旬首次加息后,国际金价呈现底部震荡格局。去年12月国际金价围绕1060美元/盎司宽幅震荡一个月后,步入2016年以来逐步走高。受外盘影响带动,新年以来国内黄金价格升幅明显。截至2月4日收盘,国内现货黄金收于每克241.79元,而1月4日价格为每克224.79元。   “避险是驱动黄金第一波上攻的主要因素。”上海中期期货研究所副所长李宁表示,以1月27日美联储的议息决议发布为界,在此之前全球股市大跌、国际油价“跌跌不休”、新兴经济体汇率大幅贬值,这些恐慌因素驱动了黄金的避险需求,推动黄金走出去年12月的盘整走势,黄金也成为1月份全球表现最靓丽的资产之一。   显然,国际黄金正在从新年以来全球所开启的新一轮的避险模式中收益,而时下越来越明显的驱动黄金短期继续走高的另一重要因素��美元贬值的效应正逐步体现出来。   李宁认为,在1月27日美联储议息决议发布之后,由于美联储表现出对美国经济和全球金融动荡的担忧,市场预期美元再启加息的时间恐往后大大推移,叠加上3日美联储高官言论和近期疲弱的美国经济数据,推动了近两日黄金行情的飙升。   3日,美元指数破位下跌,跌幅达到1.5%,创下了3个月新低,也创下了7年来最大的单日跌幅。4日,美元指数继续大跌0.8%。受此影响,国际金价2日涨幅超过了3%。   展望后市,有分析师指出,美元两日大跌不能简单认为美元牛市结束。就金市而言,短期价格大幅度上升后,多空交错的因素均制约着金价,后市更可能呈现宽幅震荡行情。   中国黄金业协会预测,去年美元的持续走强,致使大宗商品价格不断下压,然而黄金相对于其他大宗商品而言,价格基本稳定,实金投资也出现拐点,金条、金币的制造和销售数据双双飘红,结束了自2013年9月以来的下降趋势。可以预计,未来我国黄金消费将恢复增长趋势。相关的主题文章: