Hefei eleven Chaohu 12 million 870 thousand people Lanke million visitors reception isobuster

Hefei eleven Chaohu 12 million 870 thousand people Lanke reception million tourists although rain continued, but in the public holiday travel redubujian. October 7th, the reporter learned from the Hefei Municipal Tourism Bureau, this year, eleven golden week, Hefei tourism showed a steady growth trend, Chaohu hot tourism. "Eleven" period, the city’s main scenic spots, as well as various types of tourist attractions and reception of tourists received a total of 12 million 870 thousand passengers, an increase of 6.6%; tourism revenue of $1 billion 421 million, an increase of 7.4%. According to the National Tourism Administration 7 report shows that in 2016 the National Day golden week, the country received a total of 593 million passengers, an increase of 12.8%. Chaohu scenic spots received millions of visitors the autumn season, cenglinjinran, Pinnacle golden, Chaohu region has become the most popular tourist destination in Hefei popularity. The trip to the city, Wanda shore grassland, Binhu National Forest Wetland Park, crossing Campaign Memorial Hall and Anhui Hall of fame, jar street, big horn, Wei Wei tourism projects such as a large number of brilliant, sought after by tourists. During the festival, Wanda Park and Wanda Mao received the number of approximately 748 thousand and 500 people, 253 thousand people of Binhu Sanhe Town, Forest Park 213 thousand passengers, 178 thousand passengers, shore prairie jar Street received 80 thousand passengers, 69 thousand and 100 passengers, Wei scenic Yangtze crossing Campaign Memorial Hall of fame, 51 thousand passengers 49 thousand passengers, 35 thousand passengers, big horn Wei City 26 thousand passengers. In the temple of Laoshan Island Scenic 7 days total tourists 132 thousand passengers. Science and cultural attractions of passenger waves during the festival, the city attractions also held rich and colorful activities. Botanical garden flower art exhibition, the first cartoon stage acting like a raging fire, osmanthus, sunflower, Chrysanthemum Exhibition start; three Ruins Park held a flower Yao Luzhou dream Three Kingdoms culture "as the theme of the festival, beginning ceremony, rite, wedding ceremony and other Chinese traditional etiquette, let people find everything fresh and new; the former residence of Li Hongzhang held a" character of Li Hongzhang melodrama, brighten; Hefei ocean world dolphins and sea lions performances, become the children’s paradise. It is reported that the 7 day of the national day of the sea world in Hefei received a total of 43 thousand passengers, compared with last year’s national day grew by 1.5%, the overall tour order good. Packet Park, museum, Intangible Cultural Heritage Park, provincial science and Technology Museum and other cultural attractions are passenger reviews. Rural tourism has become the main carrier of self driving tour during the holiday, farmhouse Gourmet Tour, leisure experience tour, eco-tourism has become the mainstream of self driving tour. In particular, Sanhe Town, Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area, East Forest Park, Temple Temple Tourism delicacy street, ear street, Jiangnan style street, driving a surge in the number of tourists. Among them, Sanhe Town held a traditional Hanfu collective wedding, 66 couples dangzhou River, hand magpie Houzhu bridge, Clifford fairy building, ceremony for million years, attracted tourists stop, a total of 253 thousand tourists; Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area 184 thousand people; thirty Gang held an art exhibition, art salons magnificent; Dong Qu delicacy week, specialty show, soil food competition turns into battle, Feidong Chang Lin community.相关的主题文章: