Hefei pipeline natural gas service prices announced that users will no longer charge transfer fee sopor aeternus

Hefei announced the price of piped natural gas service users will no longer charge the transfer fee 21, Hefei Municipal Price Bureau issued a notice of Hefei pipeline natural gas business service prices. Today, Hefei city gas users transfer residents will not charge a transfer fee, within one year of non-human damage will be free of maintenance services. The notification requirement, the natural gas business enterprise organization normal security shall not charge, residents transfer free transfer fees, residential users (with the ignition ventilation time) within one year free maintenance service fee of non-human damage. At the same time, the user is responsible for maintenance and management of the maintenance of fuel gas facilities to voluntarily paid services, maintenance prices regulated by the market, involving materials (including engineering materials, auxiliary materials, with new materials, gas meter etc.) the purchase price plus 10% of the total cost of land. For IC card users of natural gas, the first free card, IC card is lost, damaged retroactive charges 15 yuan; the county (Chaohu city) by not more than 15 yuan Zhang set. It is reported that the old residential projects added natural gas, the user does not bear part of the principle of more than 1600 yuan households. To give preferential treatment to families of disabled persons, city residents family, construction prices of 1000 yuan households collected by disabled households to Hefei Disabled Persons Federation awarded the disabled card, low to the Civil Affairs Department of the relevant documents to apply for city gas enterprises. Reporter Shen Juanjuan original title: Hefei pipeline natural gas service price notice相关的主题文章: