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High price may not be good 4 strokes teach you to choose the smart toilet cover? Now many brands of intelligent toilet cover on the market, how should you choose? Just consider the price is wrong, big brands and high prices may not be the best. ?? Ms. Ma bought a 4000 yuan worth of toilet cover, merchants say good quality and durable, but only after more than a year, sprinkler water toilet lid is not flexible, customer service said that because of the warranty period, maintenance and maintenance can only spend money, money can buy almost 13 toilet cover this horse is very depressed, ms.. ?? Many consumers believe that the price must be the good stuff, in fact, some businesses will be the quality of ordinary toilet lid to create a high-end products, make people impossible to guard against. In fact, remember the four tips, you can generally pick out high-quality intelligent toilet cover. First of all, look at the patent certificate. Product is true or false, the quality is perfect, the patent certificate is the best first proof. Second, look at the cost of using. Ordinary products of the water tank, due to the lack of pressure pump, etc., in the design of the defects, easily lead to leakage, thus increasing the power, and the quality of the electricity tariff is very provincial, about 1 yuan per day to about $2. Once again, pay attention to the toilet cover filter. Professional manufacturers in the production of toilet cover, will be built on the basis of the filter plus an external filter, you can reduce the risk of infection of the user, and ordinary intelligent toilet lid can not filter out bacteria. Finally, consider the warranty period. Some businesses only warranty for one year, and some are three years, consumers should consider clearly. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -相关的主题文章: