Him Law denies his wife, Tavia Yeung, is trying to make people jkforum

Him Law denied that his wife Tavia Yeung is pregnant: efforts made man Him Law ifeng.com entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, yesterday (October 23rd), Him Law appeared, in response to Mrs. Tavia Yeung denied rumors of marriage rushed pregnant: "I am in the mainland, has reported to me mrs.. As far as I know, should not (pregnancy), can only say that I am in the effort! In fact, there are children after marriage is normal, but not as the report said." Hurry to stay in Hongkong for a day, Him Law also went back to the mainland to start, hoping to busy to the end of the year. A reporter reminded him to made man, he smiled and said, "not every day started to have children going to you immediately. Had publicly expressed the desire to give birth to her daughter, Him Law, intends to seek a recipe for diet doctor. He said: "Tavia Yeung has been resting for some time before marriage conditioning, coupled with her own strong, her body should be no problem, but I need to recuperate and rest." Him Law plans to make up for the honeymoon later, for the proposal he took advantage of the honeymoon to make people, he said he would try.相关的主题文章: