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How do you make your main house prices the most reasonable price? In the sale of housing, the price should be one of the most concerned about the owners, the sale price of the high and low, directly determines the number of showings customers, sales cycle. And if the price is low, the real people suffer, if the price is set up, and no one to see? So, how much money to sell our house, really have to ponder. Q1: what is the price? In fact, the price of the house can be said to be affected by the two part of the price, we can say it is a part of the price of residential prices, the added value that you bring the house where the District, for example, near the subway near park, the school district, as long as this is the area of housing, the base will have to enjoy this value. And the price of the District, is a benchmark line, on this basis, to pay attention to the price of housing. Housing prices, and the basic properties of the housing related, similar to the floor, towards, bedroom, price, size, decoration, etc.. Residential prices determine housing prices in the range, for example in your neighborhood is a high-end residential, the average price in 5-8 million, you have to sell 120 thousand, it is difficult, and residential prices, is a more complicated case, and we as individual buyers, unable to control. The price of housing, the price is based on the details of the adjustment. For example, your house is a good floor, good decoration, the main Huxing, it is possible that the price will be higher. Residential prices are the basis for housing prices, good residential housing, in order to sell a better price Q2: what factors will affect the housing prices? First say a whole train of thought, in various factors, if we do as the owner of the mind, definitely try to find their house advantage, what will you first talk is house advantage: floor: Banlou best floor is in the middle layer, such as the 6 floor layer, it is gold or silver four, the 3 layer is the best, followed by the 4 layer, and a layer and the top layer, is recognized as the price will be slightly less (or a self built terrace another said that price increases, not because the floor, but increased; and if it is necessary) to the high floor, developers pricing principles, from the top down, layer by layer to reduce the price of. A developer price list (a developer of the price list, basically in accordance with the floor, the higher the price of about expensive A: for the purchase of most of the users, or more of a great, is certainly the best north-south (some apartment layout is not South North South transparent, but there are windows, this orientation is very attractive). And then, we prefer to more, for example, the house can have the East, South and West have three directions, then you have a long time to light, there will be attractive. From the Chinese tradition, the East will be more like some. Room rate: it is the use of the house to buy, but also bought 80 square, an area of 70 square meters, and a area of 65 square, must first be more competitive; and the rate of the housing index for customers, not too intuitive!相关的主题文章: