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How satisfied are you with your child’s curiosity? Mother – Sohu for a period of time, small cattle brother curiosity let me and I’m happy not to mind taking the trouble, let him ask me some questions that I asked back the best. Similarly, the district’s mothers have encountered this situation, but with my ideas and practices are different. The weekend because of the good weather, sunny outside, I took the calf brother in the area around, even found flowers Caoer butterflies are also in the sunshine warm bath, small cattle brother raised interest, curiosity has filled his brain, ask me what it is, what it is, why can’t the flowers on the grass and so on. Get the answer after he will "affectation nodded," I soon tired of not the mouth parched and tongue scorched, but I was happy instant. When we study things happy, suddenly heard a noise over there, he asked me why the mother fierce little brother, after observation, the original is the child in the mother and asked her mother, holding the phone, do not know the phone or mobile phone to play, the child problem impatient. So the children shout. At the age of the child with a small cattle brother almost, in the face of things easily, and children in this age is interested in the sensitive period of high season, will have a curiosity about what, if the parents are not allowed to grasp it, it is easy to miss the best machine child will guide. We have to respect the child’s curiosity, to guide the child’s curiosity why do you say that? Because of curiosity, can cause the child’s curiosity, is the internal driving force to promote children’s active learning and knowledge, the future society is full of uncertainty, pluralistic society, future generations will face a more complex competitive environment, the need to use their superior imagination, bold exploration of spirit to solve the problem. And all the courage to practice the behavior, are derived from their curiosity and rich spiritual heritage. Curiosity can be destroyed by the ignorance of the parents, but also can be nurtured by their parents’ love. Take the story of Edison: Edison attended school at the age of 7, less than 3 months, because the head is full of strange and eccentric ideas are the teacher advised to drop out. But his mother has not given up the responsibility of education. She not only told Edison about the success stories of celebrities, but also encouraged him to ask questions about everything around him, and actively tried. And many parents around us, often worried about the child’s curiosity too much trouble, and stop the child’s curiosity. Make every effort to meet some of the children’s curiosity in a certain age, children must have the pursuit of things, thus aggravate their curiosity and curiosity, there is some common sense of life, the things around them, and the way of life, seemingly simple and clear, but it is the key to affect the child’s life. When a child has a problem, parents have to do is to do their own strength, patience to meet the child’s curiosity.相关的主题文章: