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UnCategorized Many .panies have much difficulties in implementing time management solutions on a .pany level. Many of their workers are constantly .plaining that they are going for an extra "hassle". There is a saying, "Do not teach an old dog new tricks." Replacing old habits is harder than replacing software or paper-based timekeeping methods. In this article, you will learn 2 things : #1 The benefits of using a time and attendance management solution at your .pany. #2 How to use a modified version of a .pany-level time and attendance management system for their personal lives. What is actually time and attendance management? It is actually a system of monitoring of employee work hours for the entire .pany and the analysis of various human resource figures such as overtime allowance, meal allowance, transport allowance and even bonus that are often derived from employee working hours. What are the various benefits of such a system? It will be more clear to employers as a whole and yourself as a senior level management than to your employees. For the management level personnel, such a system allows them to monitor employee performance automatically – and thus allowing them to evaluate if there are any loopholes within the system. It also keep track of employees within the .anization by forcing them to be accountable for their absences – once again, better for the business than for the employee himself. That is why most bosses are eagerly engaging in implementing time and attendance management system into their standard operating procedures. Today’s automated systems offer another benefit – the ability to calculate valuable data about employee performance both on an individual level (how hard does a particular employee work and how much should he be rewarded?) and on an .anizational level (what days bring in most absences? Are people staying back to finish up on projects or leaving as quickly as possible?). Access to this information allows the upper management level to make informed decisions to improve employee performance and productivity on a major scale. What else can be used in such a system? A time and attendance management system can also be used as a direct part of employee review at the end of year for staff appraisal. How you can benefit from using time and attendance management system? A big part of time management is to ensure that you not only set personal goals but that you work towards achieving them bit by bit every day. With that in mind, using 5 simple ideas on an .anization-level strategy to improve your own time management skills. They are: #1 Identify your top 3 personal goals for the next year and set monthly and weekly deadlines for them. #2 Put aside a specific, unchanging amount of time every day to work on your top 3 goals. #3 Log in your efforts daily on what time you started work on your goals, what time you stopped, and whether you actually worked that day or not. Maintain this logging process for at least a month. If you miss a day or have to cut short on a particular day, make sure you write down your reasons why. This is very important for the next step. #4 At the end of the month, review your log sheets. Are you skipping your personal time? Are you not giving enough time to your personal goals? With these logs, you will know exactly when you took time away from your personal goals and why you did so. #5 Review the success of your projects and whether you have been meeting your deadlines or not. Do you need more time, or are you being distracted by unnecessary, unimportant tasks? This way, you constantly review the processes as a self-monitoring time and attendance management system. It will not only help you take a regular pulse on your progress regarding your personal goals but will also act as motivation to improve your time management habits even more. I hope you find this article both informative and enlightening. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: