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How to protect the child’s eyes 8 fruits on the eyes of the children on the benefits of kindergarten. With the opportunity to increase the eye, this period if you do not pay attention to the child’s eye health may develop into myopia. In this regard, many parents do not pay enough attention to. Emphasis on children to learn more, and guide children to use less eye, so that more and more myopia. The age of onset was also advanced. In recent years, children’s visual acuity examination results, enough to cause social attention. So, in daily life, how to guide children to protect their eyes? How to protect the child’s eyes should first pay attention to the eye position. Simply put, is to do three "one", both a fist, one inch, one foot. One is that children sit on the seat reading and writing, his chest and desk to keep a fist distance; an inch, is for the children to write, and hand the pen nib to maintain the distance of an inch; a ruler, is the child reading eye Book distance to keep a foot. The three "one", is the effective measures to maintain normal eyes sight distance, is a scientific method to protect children vision. Second, pay attention to eye time. Children’s eye development is not perfect, the ability to work, reading or writing 0. 5 ~ 1 hours, let the children to outdoor activities, play games, and looked into the distance, or look at the flowers and plants trees, make a nervous eye muscles relax, eliminate fatigue. In addition, but also to make the children live regularly, there is plenty of sleep, so that the eyes are full rest. Pay attention to the light. Don’t let the children to read and write in dim light or sunlight. If you use 25 watt light bulb in the evening, the distance between the book and the bulb should be less than 1 meters. If the use of 60 watt light bulbs, books and bulbs should be between the distance of 1 ~ 2 meters. Cloudy, dusk, moonlight light, strong sunlight, are not suitable for reading and writing. When watching TV, to maintain a suitable distance, the general should be 5 to 7 times the diagonal length of the screen. Every time watching TV should not exceed 2 hours. Pay attention to eye exercise. Physical exercise can enhance blood circulation and metabolism, the supply of nutrients in the eyes more, so that the eye’s resistance to increase, which is the indirect exercise of the eyes. Direct exercise is eye exercises, it is based on the Chinese medical massage, massage, acupuncture points, combined with medical sports, is to protect the scientific method of vision. Parents and teachers should learn the basic knowledge of eye exercises, specific guidance and often urge their children to do eye exercises, and perseverance. Pay attention to eye nutrition. Fruits and vegetables containing vitamin A, D more, the eye has a certain nutritional effect. Regular consumption, can play a protective role in the eye. The sugar to eat more damage to the child’s vision, should control the child’s sugar intake. Protect the eyes of the 8 fruits, blueberries, blueberries contain a large number of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other ingredients, has a better nutritional and health effects of 1. Its nutritional value is much higher than other fruits, the "king of the world" reputation. The international food and Agriculture Organization lists blueberries as one of the top five health foods. .相关的主题文章: