Hu He broke the news early to apart from Sha Yi Sha Yi smile silent wine filling new network – in windjview

Hu He broke the news early to "apart from Sha Yi Sha Yi wry silence – Beijing" wine filling dinner "spicy temptation last night on the line, Sha Yi Hu He couple strong off," Ma Dong said to the king of digging "two couples" completely destroyed". But the same as the old driver of the couple did not fear, chat in a large-scale topic, Hu He actually broke the news that he had thought "and Sha Yi apart", think "dinner" is a very good chance, which Sha Yi also just grin and silence. As a famous entertainment trap, Ma Dong fully deceptive. Hu He said he would "apart from Sha Yi", just "dinner" to "re acquainted with each other". Sha Yi is only in the side of silence smile out, but also kept mengguan wine, a pair of "say". Lies in the link, Sha Yi huochu said that he was very tired of the family, would rather go wandering. Ma Dong heard quickly on the side that men generally borrow to fan the flames, to tell the truth when lies are covered with wine, intended to reveal Sha Yi’s heart is tired of this family, Sha Yi is just over two "gelasmus, with" Hu He in the side to send, the couple love to kill was jealous. The "dinner" couple in each step to kill each other, while Ma Dong still let Sha Yi re-examine their own fan the flames of family life, the couple "dinner" the road more difficult. (Gu Yu)相关的主题文章: