Hua Chenyu claims to be single and double the 11 party to sing my skateboard shoes winlinez

Hua Chenyu claiming to be a single double 11 party to sing "my skateboard shoes" Shenzhen Universiade center entertainment news (written / star) the evening of November 8th, "Tmall double 11 carnival night," SNH48, One Republic, guest performer Hua Chenyu, Victoria Song, Li Xiaopeng, Wowkie Zhang and other rehearsal in Shenzhen center site. In the face of shopping spree "double eleven", Hua Chenyu said that he would not be a single online shopping is an ordinary day. The One Republic decided to buy Christmas gifts in double 11. Hua Chenyu claimed: 11 single double is an ordinary day in Huachen Yu a music show on "Divine Comedy" "my skateboard shoes" re composing adaptation, got a lot of fans and the audience love. This time, he said, will be in the "double eleven" on the evening of the adaptation of the "my skateboard shoes", which will be the first time he sang the song after the show. He also said that the adaptation of the version into the new record. Asked if there is before and after the adoption of the Mai Mai Lang, Hua Chenyu said there is no, in fact, he wrote the word is really interesting, "skateboard shoes" to write very good". Talking about whether Pang Mailang and the possible cooperation in the future, Hua Chenyu said "to see the opportunity, I was not as high artistic attainments, can not know". "Double eleven" is a lot of people buy buy buy shopping carnival, asked the day will buy what, Hua Chenyu said he will not also do not go shopping, online shopping, usually in addition to buy some cartoon toys, the money spent on "eat"! But whether it is "shopping Carnival" or "single day", the flower said to him is an ordinary day, "but my birthday is the same day," he claimed to be "life is very boring". He also said that he is single, but do not want to take this, it seems that in the hype of their lives, life is still a little low-key, he said. One Republic One Republic know the rehearsal "singles day" double 11 to buy Christmas gifts has created the American version of "Divine Comedy" Apologize "of the American rock band One Republic this is the first time to come to Shenzhen, the singer said," see the Shenzhen airport is very happy, despite intensive phobia, but still very beautiful, after coming back". The double 11 party, One Republic will be the first to "Apologize" and "CountingStars" two songs were mixed, so that the audience can feel the rock version of "delicate sensibility, still waters". It is said that the band of China instruments each insured millions of dollars, which is the most expensive piano, "I hope to Chinese audience to bring the best experience, so to China to" take the most expensive, they said. They also particularly praised the stage design of the party, "this (double 11 carnival night) is the highest technology show we have seen, especially the big screen, the big screen……" And when it comes to double 11, the members said they knew the festival – "the days of Chinese single dogs". They said they often in the United States also online shopping, and the double 11, they decide.相关的主题文章: