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Hua Chenyu sang "love 2" volunteer roles in third male – "2 love" starring Sohu entertainment and theme song singer Hua Chenyu Click to enter [Photo]   HD Photo; Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ningwen) the morning of November 7th, Hunan satellite TV Week broadcast drama "love shuttle Millennium 2: Exchange" Moonlight held in Beijing launch press conference. Wei Daxun, Janice Man, Guo Xuefu and other actors full debut, Hua Chenyu also came to the scene, and was released by him singing the theme song "heart". Hua Chenyu also said that if the third shot, the actor can have three girlfriends, he put up for the male lead role. The press conference, Wei Daxun with "one decorated Liangjiao" debut. With the screen appeared in the elements of the play, the role of Wei Daxun swap, and we played a "shuttle", the scene encountered two female protagonists, Janice Man and the same time, "the confession of the same time," the role of the exchange, the role of the exchange, and the role of the game, the scene of the encounter with the actress and the". As a love shuttle Millennium series of second, the drama of the story upgrade, exchange crossing concept also broke the routine of the previous TV series. As the second actor, Wei Daxun is also the site was the host ridicule requirements to love in the 1, love each other, the comparison of the score of 2. Wei Daxun to "love 2" hit a high score, talked about his witty yen value not very high, but the professional degree enough, and joked: "Jing Bairan has a girlfriend, and I have two! But on the plot, "love 2" concept of the more exciting novel." In 2016 and 1936 drama actor Zhang Xiaochen, Wang Deshun, Wu Yi, Zhang Xincheng, and Li Xin, Zhang Zimu burns, eleven debut. The drama starring opposite actor Zhang Xiaochen admitted that although in the play as "villains", but to play a special liking for Guo Xuefu, a real life warm man. Wu Yi also said that this is his first work as a professional actor, played a character completely contrary to their own character, but also a breakthrough in the self attempt. Hua Chenyu also came to the scene, and released a live finale, sung by him "2 love" theme song "heart". Hua Chenyu also expressed the hope that everyone can feel the power of love. After the interview, he made no secret of love for this drama, and humorously said: "if you shoot three, three for a girlfriend, can try to" love 3 "star actor." "Love shuttle Millennium 2: the exchange under the Moonlight" as "love series Trilogy" of the second, will be landing in Hunan in November 16th.   相关的主题文章: