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Huang Xiaoming opens the new development plan of   "Huang clan" attention – Hunan Channel – People’s NetEase star media artist Huang Xiaoming photo recently unveiled in Shanghai Hojo classic comic book "City Hunter" project started in the conference, the conference site, as the easy Star Media founder Huang Xiaoming not only discloses his dual identity in the "City Hunter" in the project, but also with their company will build the industry fresh strength, six artists to Star Media signed jointly unveiled. At the press conference, Huang Xiaoming signed the 6 artists for the first time publicly fit appearance, and generous in front of many predecessors introduced himself. Their debut has left a deep impression on the media and the media. It is reported that these new power quality has emerged gradually in the field of film and television industry, comedy, modelling, variety, the outlook is very optimistic about the future and look forward to. Huang Xiaoming set up a strategic layout Studio Entertainment company is very wide, not only has the outstanding film and television projects in progress, to sign promising artists to develop in the industry have already discerned, this was finally unveiled. Wang Xichao, martial arts since childhood, stocky, Congyi years of shooting too many at the box office reputation win-win film, starred in "the Shushan chronicles the swordsman legend" two men. Lin Shijie graduated from the Performing Arts Department of Beijing Film Academy, deep eyes, facial features three-dimensional, handsome appearance, is currently filming the TV series, "the Federation of sanctions" as the leading actor. Zhang Haiyu talent is extremely strong, and have excellent writing skills, with "Qingdao aunt" image burst of red on the network, has a large number of loyal fans. At present in the Oriental TV starred in "tonight" with Huang Xiaoming, paramount, Song Xiaobao, Fu Yuanhui and the big coffee have had wonderful cooperation. Han Xu graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, has been to model the identity of the work, participated in many performances and fashion show, with excellent stage performance. Zhu Xinzong from the island of Taiwan, has a model icon shape, sunshine boy has burst of red on the network with millions of fans. The first female artist, Guo Xiaowei Huang Xiaoming signed the looks sweet, pure and pleasant, the gas has participated in the Oriental TV "! Beautiful girl program, in the program harvest countless fans. In recent years, the cause of the territory of Huang Xiaoming gradually expanded, comprehensive layout. From the original shares of Huayi investment, and Quan Ren and other stars co founded STAR VC, set up the capital. In this year, to develop their own company — the easy Star Media, Studio Entertainment inroads into the industry, continue to build "VR one billion" plan the trials of a long journey always feeling, "black fairy tale VR content promotion plan, invested in a number of entertainment projects to build the IP Empire, to join the Reds signed Red Net entertainment, live entertainment investment obviously IP content. This also has the "City Hunter" in the Chinese area over the 7 years of copyright, and cultivate new power potential, Huang Xiaoming to Star Media in the future layout in the industry influence should not be underestimated, it is worth looking forward to. (Chen Qinxing, handsome commissioning editor: Ronaldo)相关的主题文章: