Huanggang bus driver tried to bribe the high-speed illegally parked refused

Huanggang bus driver tried to bribe the high-speed illegally parked a bus driver refused on the highway traffic on the way, because of the temporary urgency, regardless of the side past traffic has free parking convenient. Security awareness is so weak, so that the police on duty to hold a sweat. In October 27th 10, the Huangzhou provincial police brigade police patrol to the wide North Highway Daguang to the 2400KM department, found a car from Huanggang bus stop in the emergency lane, the car is not put any warning signs. Although the right side of the road is a parking area, but it has not been put into use closed. The police immediately get off the view and with law enforcement recorder recording. At this time, a male driver hurriedly stepped forward to explain, called for on the way encounter the urgency to urinate in desperation to convenient parking, and today is ready to send car inspection, the car has no passengers. The car with a female police see photos have also come forward to explain, from his pocket one hundred yuan begged the police. The police vehemently rejected the driver on the highway free parking behavior was criticized deeply, and inform the illegal behavior of Internet will be locked, will face a fine of 200 yuan, recorded 6 points penalty. Here, the police remind the driver friend, the recent rainy weather continued in the province, the highway driving do not be careless, free parking, highway rainy slippery road, poor sight, the slightest mistake can easily lead to accidents. For more information, please refer to [big Chu Huanggang] WeChat subscription number相关的主题文章: