Hui Xin life so different

Hui Xin: the difference in the lives of a difference in the lives of Wen Huixin — "why live" Sharon share re learn the "living why", I carefully back your own life journey. For a long time, why do I live? What is my goal in life? Sorted out, probably can be divided into the following three stages. In these three stages, because of their life goals and quality of life changes, the performance of life in the attitude of people to different things. Take the relationship between yourself and your mother as an example. The first stage is before the University, their confusion, I do not know why alive. Affected by the state be pessimistic and worldweary mother, I began to question the meaning of life, but are not willing to accept her mother’s point of view. Confrontation between the two forces, let me feel the pressure of the mountain, instinctively and mother to maintain a psychological distance, there is little communication with the mother. The second stage, after the benefit of learning psychology, for the pursuit of a good relationship alive. Psychological theory, people are living in the relationship, a good relationship can bring happiness. So, I try to fix my relationship with my mother, and I hope my mother will be able to change from psychology. I imagine that if the mother can break through some of their own complex, there will not be so much negative energy, and we will naturally get a lot easier to get along with! So I began to listen to my mother’s thoughts, and then try to explain them with a psychological point of view. I did not expect the mother was so stubborn". She is interested in listening to my analysis and interpretation, but often referred to the need to change the place, that they are old, decades of character can not be changed. I suddenly Speechless, so, with the mother always stalled and the end of communication. The third stage of life is the study of buddhism. I began to understand: on the one hand, the development of true happiness and joy from their life awareness. This joy, with the joy of external material wealth can not match, and do not need to rely on any relationship. On the other hand, only to develop their own life consciousness, to have the wisdom to help mother. Reflection before I called for help, in fact, with many selfish needs and condescending attitude. So it is not the mother can not change, but can not accept my way – Communication hidden in the sense of self superiority. I no longer use my own point of view to define the mother, no longer eager to turn the mother can be gorgeous. Stability study enable me to have a relatively stable state of mind. Although I don’t agree with some of the views and attitudes of the mother, but in order to better help my mother, I began to lay down their prejudices to get to know her better. I began to have the choice to distinguish between the mother’s concept, to know what the heart has a role in promoting, which have adverse effects on the change of heart. When the mother again said that he can not change, I will stop to reflect on, is not their own sense of superiority and come out again. On the last day of last year, in the chat, the mother suddenly said that I felt the change, she was relieved. I listened to the eyes of a hot, particularly touched. Once I was!相关的主题文章: