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Hunan is currently the largest age of children with congenital heart disease staging arterial switchoperation – Beijing Beijing in November 15, Changsha (correspondent Tang Mi Bu Haisong) "on the main artery of heart two long, this is one of the most complicated congenital heart disease, if not treated, usually live only 1 years old." November 15th, chatted will soon be discharged Lele (a pseudonym) of the disease, Xiangya No.2 Hospital of Central South University, Professor Yang Yifeng said that he can be strong at the age of 7 and underwent successful staging of arterial switchoperation, have to say is a miracle. The same day, Xiangya No.2 Hospital,, pediatric cardiovascular surgery ward, grab 4 bed Lele and mom and dad are looking at the phone in the photo, from time to time, came out of the laughter of the light of. They come from a Hunan Yongzhou, mother lady 40 years old this year, is a village teacher, father is a simple farmer, Lele is their adopted son. From the just hold back home, take him to see a doctor." Ms. Gao recalls, when the doctor diagnosed Lele suffering from congenital heart disease, which belongs to a relatively rare, live beyond the age of 1 is a miracle. Although their family income is not high, but never give up the treatment of Lele, and even spend more on his mind than his daughter. These years, there are more than and 20 of the n light disease, and some even have fuzzy handwriting. In July this year, Lele came to Xiangya No.2 Hospital of Central South University again, admission diagnosis of complete transposition of the great arteries, atrial septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus, double superior vena cava, accompanied by the right side of the six finger deformity. In the first heart disease, this deformity accounts for about 5%. One stage radical operation completed in January, such as more than the "prime time", often lost the chance of surgical treatment." The experience is extremely limited circumstances, Xiangya Medical professor Yang Yifeng, associate professor of the Zhao Tianli team after careful assessment, decision for the implementation of exploratory stage radical operation. In August 1st, Yang Yifeng, the Zhao Tianli team for Lele has successfully implemented the "pulmonary shunt and pulmonary artery banding, in order to improve the hypoxia and exercise of left ventricle, two stage radical operation left ventricular function reserve. After more than two months of training, Lele’s left ventricle thickening, myocardial index rapidly improved, to achieve the requirements of radical surgery. In October 17th, Yang Yifeng, the Zhao Tianli team conducted two radical surgery — "arterial switchoperation + ASD repair + arterial duct suture for lele". After 10 hours of surgery, a complete success. After surgery, in the heart of the nursing care of the nursing room, under the careful treatment, in November 7th, Lele returned to the general ward. Through literature retrieval, the reported cases worldwide are no more disease in older children. At the same time, this is the first case in Hunan province to achieve a complete transposition of the great arteries. (end)相关的主题文章: