Husband wife ZhuoGan in bed to take evidence for its mobile phone fell downstairs and death (video) haywire

Husband wife ZhuoGan in bed to take evidence for its mobile phone fell downstairs and found the death his wife was having an affair, the husband caught in bed and took evidence, his wife did not think it over the mobile phone accidentally fell down the stairs and death. The day before, her husband alleged wrongful death lawsuit. The suspect Zhu 43 years old this year, Anhui shanghai. Zhu Zhang and his wife are Shanghai workers farmers, they usually work at two different sites, so the couple is not between the long-term living together. Zhu suspected his wife was having an affair, in January 29th this year, she went to the site to view, and then hid in a room in the site. Until the next day at 1 in the morning, Zhu saw his wife out of his room into a room on the edge. A few minutes later, Zhu will be the door flung open, to see his wife and a man sleeping together, suddenly furious, they took pictures using a mobile phone to. Seeing his wife, immediately get up to grab the mobile phone zhu. The day of the incident, because the defendant had suspected his wife derailed behavior, so he came to her site to find his wife. Then, when he found out that his wife had gone to another man’s dormitory, he waited for 10 minutes to go to the man’s dormitory. Dormitory is on the 2 floor, the door of the door kick kick kick open, found his wife with another man in the same room, then use the phone to take pictures of the second person. After taking pictures, his wife came to snatch the defendant’s cell phone, and the defendant has a certain pull behavior. Then, in the case of the defendant in order to get rid of his wife’s pull, the wife of a certain assault, but his wife still does not let go. The suspect Zhu said: "the wife fell, grabbed my mobile phone, I told her a few words, I say you do get people to afford it, your parents do, to afford your two children, live up to our family? We are not easy to get married at the age of more than and 40, you want to divorce me do not want to go with me, you can tell me." After listening to Zhang long back, with the male worker Liu want to separate the pull of the two people, picked up a stool to beat Zhu implementation. Zhu for self-defense, then picked up a knife in his neck. After the photograph, Zhu for his wife pulled, then Liu came ready to commit assault on the defendant to use the defendant because of his stool, beaten, so pick up a knife in the dormitory, and then stand on his neck, the victim said if he beat it, he is ready to the implementation of a self mutilation behavior, then Liu put down on the bench, not beating. Suspect Zhu: at that time, the man also got up and ran behind me want to take a stool hit me. I came here to the unfamiliar, I was a bit afraid, take a knife, a frame to go above my neck, I in the police station at that time: my photos here are some knife marks, there are third days touch point knife india. I’m on my neck. He lived in this place, this place is cooking, I grabbed the knife in my here. I said you killed me. I’m dead. You two go to jail. Zhu afraid of male workers to catch up, they quickly ran to the door. And his wife Zhang相关的主题文章: