Huzhou, Anji 38 thousand acres of colorful forest pork face

Huzhou Anji 38 thousand acres of forest color beautiful autumn season, Huzhou Anji County Town Village Yu Yinshan Park showing the different kind of scenery: tall soapnut tree leaves turn yellow, the mountain withered grasses, from afar, the mountain seems to be splashed with red ochre. Approached, the grass is green tea, green grass under the grass is also a kind of green grass. This is the first half planted." Anji County Forestry Bureau of Forestry Technology Promotion Center Deputy Director Tang Hui said, the only way which must be passed this piece of mountain is located in Tianhuangping tourism, only the original tea, the landscape is not beautiful, so precious in the color forest construction in the first half resow color trees, are now showing color effect. Here is not only in the village, more than the county on both sides of the road, ring road, Hangzhou Expressway and other places, in the rare color forest construction started last year, has planted ginkgo, etc. various kinds of color species for Mount Huangshan, in the green mountains and rivers with warm colors, colorful forest landscape for local people and tourists. According to reports, around the Tianhuangping regional comprehensive promotion and Huangpu River source boutique tourist zone, two years has been the construction of about 38 thousand acres of forest of rare color. According to the Anji county "13th Five-Year" plan, rare color forest construction focus on building "one ring" delivery shop Ring Road, "two lines" and 04, Hangzhou high speed along the highway 11 along the line, "three pieces" that ring the tourist resort area, Lingfeng Longwang mountain tourism area, Beacon Hill leisure area, the "four zone" the Huangpu River source, Chinese sea, Chang Shuo’s hometown, white tea fragrance four boutique tourist zone. In the precious color forest construction, Anji County Forestry Bureau to seize the psychological response of color, focus on the use of color and beautiful scenery, yellow, orange and purple red and white line combination, not only the construction of a forest community, and through the rational collocation of color to create a rich and colorful, pleasant, shook the soul of the landscape effect. All plans are designed and implemented according to the location of the construction area, landscape and forest characteristics." Lin Technology Promotion Center Director Zhu Weirong said, for more clearing forests, poor regeneration, take direct planting broadleaf trees to transform the way; for the status quo conditions are better, but the forest form single, lack of color, in the glade planting deciduous trees, abundant landscape level of pure bamboo forest; and tea is pure forest, planting tree species, early spring and late autumn landscape effect increased. Plans to use five years to complete the construction of a valuable forest of 180 thousand acres of color, the next will be planned construction of 140 thousand acres." Zhu Weirong introduction, and now the weather is suitable for tree planting activities, has begun small-scale color tree planting.相关的主题文章: