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"I am not Pan Jinlian" standard: – Culture – people.com.cn original title comedy can ease life: "I am not Pan Jinlian" standard: editor can ease the life of comedy in Feng Xiaogang’s films always comes with the topic. But "I am not Pan Jinlian" not only the head of the famous director Feng Xiaogang, writer, screenwriter Liu Zhenyun as the conscience of the aura, also with the sixty-fourth San Sebastian International Film Festival "golden shell Award" and "silver shell Award" honor, first experienced the replacement schedule of the storm, and after the release of micro-blog launched tablets the debate between a film company, coupled with innovative use of circular frame of the spectacle and actress Fan Bingbing through the "vase" image of the topic…… Under the joint action of many factors, the discussion about the film has been divorced from the artistic creation itself, and evolved into a public opinion carnival. So, put aside these external factors, let us return to the work itself, "I am not Pan Jinlian," the quality of art exactly how? After the transition from comedy to tragedy, and then from tragedy to comedy, Feng Xiaogang gradually found the commercial appeal and artistic pursuit. The movie "Pan Jinlian" on the one hand, I am not a fake divorce, petitions and other film and television work in the past rarely involved, touch the real social marginal content into a vivid image, presented in front of the audience, to bring people a new perception and profound thinking; on the other hand, but also avoid overt criticism and preaching, by a series of artistic skillful use of mild implicitly express the theme, to show the plight of reality with the interpretation of humor, absurdity, find a reasonable view of commercial films and the reality of life perspective clever point. In the new year period, Wang Shuo’s language style and the Ge You foundation lines is the basic Feng comedy to settle down. But to "I am not Pan Jinlian", Feng Xiaogang intends to try to transcend the language and action of the comic style, to guide the audience to observe the reflection, in the understanding of the truth behind the story of a certain sense of humor. To understand the meaning of the film, the audience must accept a fantastic setting — woman Li Xuelian to the house, and her husband divorce. The husband not only go with others married, called Li Xuelian life is not indecent, should be called "Pan Jinlian". So, not convinced Li Xuelian to give his name, a stubborn complaint petition, from the court, county, city, province, to Beijing, a report is ten years. The long drawn out process eventually ended in an accident with her ex husband. As the promoter of the story, Li Xuelian lacks a reasonable motive. She was the first to make a false divorce, so it was not a traditional victim from the beginning". The court in accordance with legal procedures to deal with cases, government officials at all levels by the initiative to resolve conflicts, to help her out of trouble. Li Xuelian is like a string of characters, with their stubborn behavior, a series of more than and 20 character and experience different male roles. From the magistrate to the mayor, from the judge to the police, from the butcher to the chef, each character has a distinct personality. The creators did not deliberately create comedy, but also the common comedy plot is not set, but through the creation of the symbolic meaning of the image, traction)相关的主题文章: