If there is no censorship, the Golden Horse hit violence scale will be bigger vidown

If there is no censorship, the Golden Horse hit violence scale will be bigger? Tencent (the Chen Xiaonao) entertainment news film countdown third days, Taiwan rain, suddenly suddenly small, pedestrian umbrella are opening and closing, closing and opening, we all feel a little trouble, a face is very angry. The music studios outside of the space suddenly more than a red carpet, red carpet on the other side is the stage, while the two plastic horse statue statue. Three nights in the future, the fifty-third annual Golden Horse Award nominees will continue to walk the red carpet, and ordinary people in close contact. It is almost impossible to see the scene in the film festival or other film awards, Golden Horse Awards as the route of Taiwanese hospitality. Unfortunately, the weather may be because of the rain, accumulated water on both sides of the red carpet, was standing to the 50 young artists, the red carpet media almost 10, is very quiet. The first group of guests to come out, the organizing committee staff rushed to come to you, the guests will come out screaming oh. No one responded to her. The first is the chairman of the Executive Committee and Zhang Aijia, and after the host exchanged a look, first hit "nominated for several major awards of the" director I wish you a happy voyage. on the red carpet, directed by Zhong Menghong, starring appearance of natto. As a result, no one screamed. After all, you can’t ask for more information about the young people who arrived here on a rainy day. At this festival "" I wish you a happy voyage. is about to begin, only to leave the red carpet next to the auditorium, the dilapidated and desolate behind the red carpet. "Show" music hall 1 I wish you a happy voyage. is very large, the last ticket I got in the 27 row, that is the reciprocal of the second row, stood up and looked down and discovered that he was in the "mountain". Originally thought before the opening slipped to the previous point, later found almost all abandoned. Taiwan’s literary youth is as much as the legend. Director Zhong Menghong (right) should say the movie. "This is hot" I wish you a happy voyage. horse, for director Zhong Menghong style will have some imagination, also saw the trailer, sit the imagination, however, never thought, was hit in the face. This is not a main enchanting female film noir, tried in a very dull atmosphere, through several marginalized middle-aged men in the face of the threat of life, changes of major issues issues of right and wrong relationship, evolution of Taiwan society and the projected decline. Decline is the director appointed. After the screening of Q& A, he said that this is the future of Taiwan, there is a decline in the United States, the United States or the United States, but has declined. But we are unaware of it, which makes him feel very sad. There is no doubt that this heartache is also filled in the film. It can be imagined that the process of looking straight women will be a bit depressed. But the aftertaste is really enough. The film has two plot lines, the two lines are the foundation of the drama. One is responsible for the said drugs will be shipped from Taipei to Tainan Xiao louluo natto, sitting on the old taxi driver Michael Hui, the old drivers want to correct natto a little money, but did not think he was a drug dealer. Two people met small Gang racketeering and drug traffickers a con within a con, the old driver did not earn money, but lost. Fortunately.相关的主题文章: