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"I’m in the name of tea" Song Kai Huang Cun Luan tea to find   praise Wuyi – people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: "I take the name of tea" songwriter Luan Kai seeking tea Huangcun praise Wuyi in Wuyishan Kai Luan Tianqi and Mu Cha Shan Huang Cun the composer Luan Kaiwu Yi Shan Huang Cun "I find tea with tea in the name of" songwriters seeking tea to Huang Cun Luan Wuyishan Huang Cun depth to find Professor Kay Kay built about Professor Luan Tea Technology Professor Kay and Huang Luan Luan village secretary Huang Zhenghua Kai Tianqi praise JIUQUXI source Huang Cun before the famous composers and musicians Professor, Department of music, the Liberation Army Institute of the Arts Department of music director, graduate tutor Luan Kai, in peace, Chinese culture and art to the world the general director of the Nanping Municipal People’s government adviser, Wuyi pictures general invitation to Tianqi producer in Fujian Province Wuyishan City, Huang Village Yan Weiwen sang the song "Fujian home", Jiangyangzhuoma sang the song "I’m in the name of tea" election scene investigation, goods Wuyi feast, the feeling of "rock bone flowers" wonderful. Nanping Municipal Committee, Wuyishan municipal Party committee secretary Ma Bigang, deputy secretary of Wuyishan Municipal Committee, acting mayor Lin Xuyang met, executive vice mayor of Wuyishan Municipal Committee Xie Jinrun, Star Town People’s Congress Chairman Liang Xiaozheng, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Gansu Star Village, Huang Village Party branch secretary Huang Zhenghua accompanied the election scene investigation. Kai Luan professor entered the world natural and cultural heritage of Wuyishan JIUQUXI River upstream of Huang Village, in the highest point overlooking the yellow mountain village, stunning beauty, taste of Huang Cun acres of tea plantations in the gurgling streams, the boundless plain, edge wall trail, elegant tea natural form a green wild landscape of Oz, Kai Luan Professor Mu Dasan and intimate contact, use the camera to record the summer Huangcun quiet, like a fairyland like picture, Luan sigh Professor Kay Huangmura Mami, Huang Village really fragrant tea. According to the reporter, the song "Fujian," my hometown "in the name of tea" is Tienchi lyricist, composer of Kai luan. In three days of seeking tea collection tour, visited Zhenghe, Wuyishan, has a taste of Zhenghe white tea and Wuyi rock tea, deep feelings. Luan Kai said the find tea tour is very meaningful, not only to enjoy the best of tea, but also a profound experience to the local strong tea culture, the future hope to continue to cooperate with the director of Tianqi, the creation of more tea theme song, let more people know the love song of tea, Wuyi rock tea, yellow tea to find village. (photo: Wu Kun) (commissioning editor Wu Yaxiong and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: