In a foreign country Chen Jia concert debut game shoot ink winlinez

In a foreign country: Chen Jia ink works special appearances for the young female painter took the game, especially in the direction of the ink painter of women groups, has a relatively unique track in the exploration of Art: in their respective from students grow as artists have their own characteristics and the creation process of the artistic concept, its appearance is works with the growth of age changes and changes in living conditions, this feature seems better than male painters in the works reflected more clearly. Female artist of ink can not only have more emotional, more nuanced grasp of the object at the same time its performance also change with the change of life. Take game tonight at 20:30 to launch the 80 young artist Chen Jia: [in a] open special works, sold a total of 10 pieces of fresh and elegant works. Chen Jia’s works in the quiet with a touch of sadness, painted a lot of drifting in the different places of the people’s voices. In order to leave the hometown, my ideal, one of the hardships caused numerous people’s sympathy. On the one hand is lonely, on the other hand is strong and persistent, even in a foreign country, also want to indulge in self-admiration tenaciously, wanton bloom. Chen Jia female, Han nationality, born in 1983 in Shandong from 2003 to 2007 at the Shandong University at Weihai from 2009 to 2012 China professional painting at the Bohai University Chinese master painting professional since 2012 in Beijing, engaged in the creation of Chinese painting exhibition in October 2016 as the new old bingshen wintermonths invitation exhibition of young artists Beijing Yanhuang Art Museum April 2016 Hi21 new art market in Beijing March 2016 official Yat Ying ——2016 young women artists exhibition Beijing Yanhuang Art Museum in December 2015 Fourth National University (Guangzhou) Art Expo Guangzhou July 2015 school work written between youth, ink cutting-edge exhibition Beijing 798 Art Center in December 2014 Third National University (Guangzhou) Art Expo Guangzhou will open in a foreign land auction appreciation "–" hollyhock flower hometown have a lot of hollyhock, long on the side of the road, long in the wild, long in the deserted garden, a child and the partners usually pinch to play, big flowers not what aroma is not so beautiful, but always bold open and proud No. In the thousands of miles away from home, saw the Shu sunflower, like old friends goodbye, shouting "come on, let me feel warmth. "In a" hollyhock flower size: 58x68cm in 2015: "one of the best calligrap city" — edifice often are very similar, wandering people in the city are also very similar, meet, the inevitable separation, a pass rush is I don’t see a stranger in the middle. Have you seen as his own youth? "One of the city’s" size: 49cm diameter: 2016 calligrap "You Jia Xing" — the night for a walk to the river.相关的主题文章: