In the marine museum, and marine biological zero distance contact


grew up on the sea is full of curiosity I always love to go to the seaside with wind, deep sea exploration to secret love, love towards the sea, with spring. And the Pingtung Museum of marine life has given me a sense of wonder about the ocean, and I have a glimpse of the ocean.

Have a trip to Pingtung in Kenting

last month, in-depth understanding of the marine museum, Pingtung National Tourism and marine museum not only has the meaning of education, and the diversity of marine ecology and biological stars, such as coral kingdom Pavilion beluga, waters of the world of penguins, giant algae, seals and so on, are very popular sea creatures.

that you may have thought the beautiful NMMBA at night, what will happen? At NMMBA is to let you experience personally, personally involved in close contact with all kinds of lovely sea animal.

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because of the time, to the marine museum has been relatively late, only visited the coral kingdom pavilion.

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this is where the coral kingdom Pavilion washes. The marine museum is divided into three pavilions, namely, the Taiwan water authority, the coral kingdom Pavilion, the world water museum.


I visited is Southeast Asia’s Longest Undersea Tunnel of the coral kingdom Pavilion, here are all unique to Taiwan 84 Meenan Chinese sea shipwreck ecological tunnel and Taiwan boreal sea animal feed – the only white whale. 360?? tunnel?, is a south sea rose??? Coral and colorful world,????? Shuttle which is the night??? Sleeping with your imagination, the morning light?? in Zhanjiang? Seawater, and you turned into a??.

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, this is the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia, with wood to night night in tunnel, you are full of fish in the water, feeling, incarnation as a member of the sea, open your eyes to see tropical fish, subsea tunnel has become the most hot bed area overnight NMMBA door. The most important thing to remember is when you make your bed in an undersea tunnel.

coral kingdom Pavilion, you can see a variety of coral.

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you can’t see what this is a marine life, quietly tell you, oh, this is a whale larvae, is not a jump.

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this is the white whale, when you walk past, the white whale will show a different attitude, very magical;