Internet era, the value of the Royal Purple stick and business breakthrough Changan

In the age of the Internet, the value of the Royal Changan and the breakthrough of the business from the agricultural age to the industrial age to the information age, the technical force continues to promote the creation of a new world. Undeniable, "Internet plus" is to represent the general trend of human social development, in addition to any kind of traditional industries are not exposed to the Internet and get the torrent. In the field of business, the Internet is also a profound impact on the business model of great change. Purple Royal Changan (real estate information), on the west of Chang’an Avenue to build smart business space, standing in the forefront of the new era of business. Internet plus time, bring a new change in business model! "To further promote Internet plus" strategy, bring the high-end technology, smart office, efficient data, cloud and broad social business communication and trading platform for traditional business. The traditional business model in Internet plus the penetration, gradually to the Internet cloud business reform and development, "Internet plus business" to replace the traditional office space is also growing as a force to be reckoned with. The Royal Changan, adapt to the times of change, with Internet plus innovative spirit, Western Chang’an Avenue business — a new model of cloud smart business space. Innovation, but also to uphold the value, adhere to the spirit of craftsman! Do their own, can withstand temper; embrace change, must adhere to the value of. Everything in the world, there is a constant evolution of truth — the same. This means that, in the process of continuous change of things, the value of stick, is still the basis of a firm foothold in the market. In the field of commercial real estate, notes, no matter how the transformation of the times, how to develop technology, value guidance and service is always the way to improve the commercial real estate. Royal Purple Changan, innovative business models at the same time, always adhere to the real estate value, in buildings, facilities, and other aspects of the brand ecological self stick, adhere to quality, has always been committed to provide better products and better service experience for the customer experience, carefully crafted to innovation real estate builders of the new era. · business value Internet plus, SOLOMO (social, business intelligence, cloud Hui building) cloud wisdom, the Milky Way mature business district area, a strong business atmosphere, amazing space, practical and elegant. · traffic value – efficient transportation network, subway station octagonal amusement park near (within 1 km), three vertical and three horizontal travel (Financial Street, Haidian, Zhongguancun) District, business negotiations, the gathering of friends, accessible and convenient, efficient "business interpretation of Western Chang’an Avenue". · supporting value has prosperous business, around the Wanda Plaza, Hualian, Carrefour and other large commercial, three hospitals, primary and secondary schools around downtown, formed a set "business, entertainment, medicine and education as one of the supporting business focus. · ecological value: three hills and five gardens surrounding the natural ecology, Shijingshan amusement park, Beijing International Sculpture Park as a city park surrounded by huge multi-level ecological nourishment, build green ecological business space. · brand value — 12 years, Jinli estate artisan spirit of adhering to the "intention of legend" business philosophy, with his ingenuity polished, numerous achievements of the urban elite quality of life 9相关的主题文章: