Interview with Huang Xiaoming Andy Lau thought I would not take the role of Luo Hao (video)

Interview with Huang Xiaoming: Andy Lau also thought that I would not take the role of Luo Hao Hao [Abstract] Why do you want to get the ace of aces? Huang Xiaoming said that, first of all, to work with Andy Lau, is his dream, so that everything is coming – even Andy Lau himself did not think he would be so exaggerated absurd drama. In an interview with the "trump card" starring Huang Xiaoming: funny ace Andy Lau also thought that I would not take the role of Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Chen Nao photography Xue Jianyu Wang Dong camera) "Macao Fengyun 3", Jing Wong’s comedy into an awkward position. "Trump card to play the trump card" out of time, the most worried about is Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming fans, many people do not understand why so many choices, why take this drama. For Huang Xiaoming, first of all, to work with Andy Lau, it is his dream, so say anything to come – even Andy Lau himself did not think he would be so exaggerated absurd drama. Secondly, he also seriously asked Andy Lau, will not have any problems, Andy Lau said he had it, so he chose to believe him. Yes, after so many years expressed doubts are not friendly, even because the network violence had depression, Huang Xiaoming is still a simple man in Qingdao, combined with the greatest good faith in others. But he didn’t grow up. Once because of the words that eat the loss, let him learn to refuse. Take Baby pregnant thing, put on the previous him, perhaps already recruited. But since the news spread more than a month, every time Huang Xiaoming appears in public, will be with a perfect smile and the media on a set of Taijiquan, not completely go "rumor" routine, but not completely. Suddenly, Huang Xiaoming in addition to close friend Huang Bo in the way to throw away the burden idol with vigorous strides, even as many of them are. Huang Xiaoming Andy Lau in the play to be partner to worry about the results, but the Chinese brother said he wore it Tencent Entertainment: the "trump card" with ACE we see, you have a lot of special desperately funny play, but also ugly, didn’t get any burden? Huang Xiaoming: I don’t have any burden to be an actor. Maybe the previous characters are cool. But say a few days ago, "Qingdao aunt", still have some, but some did not play well, so we do not feel funny. Tencent Entertainment: not funny, because Jing Wong is a director of the opera has many hardcore. Huang Xiaoming: I don’t think it’s a problem. I don’t think it’s enough. I think the director should do a little more. Tencent Entertainment: Luo Hao’s role in the body of the biggest laugh point where? Huang Xiaoming: Luo Jia Hao is an adorable president, the heart is pure desire, wearing A Doraemon underwear. There is love but do not know how to express. With China’s hapless detective brother, there is some intersection between two people. Tencent Entertainment: Chinese brother in the show always boast that you are cooler than him, listening to is not particularly happy? Huang Xiaoming: No, I don’t think it’s too far. Tencent Entertainment: is there a script to wear cartoon underwear? Huang Xiaoming: cartoon underwear is not original, is my own plus. Want to have a more fun with the characteristics of unity, because it is so many years of good brothers. It’s all over, I feel!相关的主题文章: