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Inventory of apple and pear shape slimming Raiders – Jiangsu windows — original title: apple and pear shape slimming Raiders tiring exercise plus painful diet control, what methods are tried is not thin down? In fact, the key to weight gain may lie in your genetic oh! To identify the genetic attributes you, then according to its characteristics to find the most suitable exercise and diet, and fat can say goodbye! – Apple Apple type people love eating grains and potatoes rich in carbohydrate servings, such as bread, Steamed Rice, taro, candy and so on, also love to drink beer and Wine. To eat the view is: "even without garnish, plain white rice is also willing to eat." Apple’s diet strategy staple food: rice noodles to eat half of the good, the rest with vegetables and protein filled stomach! OK food: vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, fish and shellfish, low-fat yogurt, NG food: Steamed Rice, taro, pumpkin, sweet juice, chef suggestions: eat salad or Boiled Green Vegetable A, before the meal! Apple’s weight loss is focused on how to reduce the staple food, but also feel full". Before dinner can eat Boiled Green Vegetable or salad, you can eat a little plain white rice! B, do not have enough to eat? Endure for 20 minutes! Eating too fast, it is easy to have a sense of satiety, they have to eat too much food! You must chew, five grain rice or brown Steamed Rice instead of plain white rice. If you eat 1 bowls feel not enough, it is recommended that you first endure for about 20 minutes, and so on the full control of the nerve center to start activities! C, if it’s not enough for 20 minutes…… If the greedy, suggested before dinner drink 1 glasses of water to fill the stomach, or eat a small cucumber, celery, radish, carrot and other vegetables can chew slowly, would be more likely to have a sense of satiety! – western pear pear type of people love to eat are fried chicken, cake, potato chips, ice cream and other high fat foods, and compared to the apple type of people love to eat sweets, are high fat content, western style dessert. Other like fried rice, French fries or Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables fried, is also the love of Western pear! The western style diet strategy must try to reduce the amount of fat intake, the amount of staple food does not need to deliberately reduce! OK food: vegetables, mushrooms, shellfish, fish, white meat, plain white rice NG pasta food: fried chicken, red meat, butter, mayonnaise and fat snacks chef recommend: A, be careful imperceptibly to eat too much fat in conditioning food as far as possible to use flat bottom pot or non stick pan, and the slick over the entire surface of the pot when cooking, try to use a little bit of oil, put out by their own vegetable water, with a small fire slowly fried vegetables, so can also lead to the sweetness and flavor! Stay away from fried food, cook, stew, or barbecue to replace fried. As usual for food, you can choose to replace lo, fried chicken or fried spareribs. Too much greasy food, remember to oil or over boiling water after it. B, as far as possible相关的主题文章: