Inventory of those two years 11 pit father means of 99.9% people have been pit cry!

Inventory of those two years 11 pit father means of 99.9% people have been pit cry! Suddenly these days strange… November 7th is the winter of November 8th, the reporter is the day on November 9th, namely "119" in November 10th, referred to as "110" in November 11th, referred to as "double 11" link is: cold, fire, theft, anti abortion, anti mother to reporters!! The legend of each year to double 11 will have a lot of people cry tears dig heart liver not because of the slow hand did not regret a previous mistake but because hand grab arrive too fast to grab but also fooled price change free users are injured not wrong, double eleven prices! Half off counter price even, your prices fluctuated what is a thing? Compared to last year’s double eleven several products, tracking its price after the discovery, a portion of the goods the existence of price in the "double eleven" before and after. Some prices will fluctuate up and down, but some businesses surprisingly recruit, double eleven special price did not discuss, the original to buy double the sale is definitely not a myth of 20. "In the textile products as an example, below is a well-known brand of Tmall on a set of four recent price trend. It can be seen from the figure, from August 26th to November 7th, the price of this commodity is stable at 449 yuan, and in the double eleven coming November 8th, the price of this commodity has been raised to 1480 yuan; and in the double eleven day, from 1480 yuan to 429 yuan, so businesses hit 71% off preferential slogan in fact, this period of time, and compared to November 8th, commodity only offers 20 yuan, the discount rate is only about 5% off. Thunder and rain small commodity cheap 1 cents you dare to say I’m not cheap? I clearly cut price 1 hair! Double eleven before a single day discount slogan shouted loudly, electronic products more than one hundred or two hundred discount, but to see the photo above, you are not shocked, a down jacket on the cheap 5 hair!! "after the price becomes more complete." I fall 10 times you I have sincerity ~ I just "myopia is not blind! Easy to use " to grab coupons coupons; pie " and in each of the eleven double trap warm-up tournament is hot, businesses have posted coupons, "10 yuan", "50 yuan", "100 yuan", and "200" and "500 yuan", with a click, you can the collection of arms, many netizens grab coupons awfully panic buying, a ten until this day, I found it was futile, there are restrictions on the use of almost every kind of coupon. You don’t actually use one! You don’t actually use one! Pro, you seckill to? Most netizens joy than each big website launched one yuan iphone5 seckill "and" one yuan to grab the jade "," 0 seconds field "to limit activities, many netizens excited the adrenaline hurricane, waited at the computer next to the heart murmur countdown 10 seconds but, no matter how fast friends, would point out the same page. Don’t complain about yourself, because you can’t get it. A student who has worked in a large online shopping mall has been a university student agents broke the news that he was also often full of hope to participate in the store to grab cheap spike repair相关的主题文章: