It is said that this dream Light Festival lit up Sanya

in Sanya Phoenix Airport VIP across the floor, look far looming in front of the colored lights, like a brilliant sky, went to know here is the original recently hidden but beautiful spot, is popular in Sanya and is known as the high streets and back lanes, "Spring Carnival" dream lighting exhibition.

walked from the entrance into the dream lantern show, is along the corridor, a bright and colorful walk among them, like a fairyland, all around the use of colored lights decorate color, forming a beautiful rainbow road.

LED in front of the pink tree is welcome, from the intangible cultural heritage in Sichuan Zigong works, the world-famous Zigong snuff, across the world to Sanya, after the 30 non genetic order lasted 30 days, with the builders of the heart hand crafted time shadow become welcome eight welcoming the brilliant flower.

in Sichuan, Zigong, there is a saying: "the moon light, doubled the shining lights, Tim is very bright. View not its star bridge, can not see the light fire." Appreciation of the traditional Chinese taste of the Lantern Festival activities, the Zigong lantern festival itself is a long history of traditional technology, the Lantern Festival has been similar to the literary and artistic works are spread.

through the dream corridor, walk through the park, greeted a symbol of auspicious year of the Golden Rooster Chicken appeared in the middle of the world, pray for health, colorful light imagination Sanya Jinji Phoenix Town, the first new year’s blessing from here!

stood beside the park is the highest point of the golden rooster, and can have the full of mysterious places, right in front of the windmill European style, white crystal shoes also left the world, come to this beautiful place in Sanya.

left, 20 meters giant Phoenix modeling lanterns, a statue of the God of joy very naive to sit here and meet all wishes, secular, ordinary…, new year is a new beginning, in fact, not the God of wealth, good luck and happy to see this moment. It will be a in accompany with you.

next to a giant "Snow Mountain", from the snow capped mountains on the eagles fly, meaning it is a goofy season.

turn left here, romantic area, giant diamond shape quietly placed in the center, surrounded by blue ribbon, like a charming Avenue, seems to be waiting for the beginning of romance, but also every girl heart dream of growing up.

on the right hand side, six meters in diameter artificial moon, under the moon is;