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Jacky Cheung December Hongkong concert rehearsal home singing over a hundred times the Jacky Cheung edition the author information times reporter Huang Wenhao king and queen line Kai Chang, 4 years did not sing song of Jacky Cheung also announced a strong return in December 4th will be held in 20 "A Classic Tour the classical world tour concert at the Hongkong coliseum". Yesterday just prior to starting the pre-sale has been hard to get a vote, existing sources to meet the fans, alumni will add field sings the new year, but appeared conference organizers also said Xueyou and decided to discuss with your family after. The alumni sings every 3 games a day off, hoping to keep the best performances, to the fans and their left classic memories. After a lapse of 20 years to open four Taiwan Coliseum "hope do not do it when young thing" from the last twelfth Century "World Tour" in the past 4 years, but in the last four Taiwan open Xueyou Coliseum concert dates back to 20 years ago "friend Jacky World Tour", yesterday meeting specially arranged Xueyou approach from the electronic screen huoyao, then a small stage at the foot of the Xueyou rise slowly into a three-dimensional Coliseum, represents the song once again set foot on the coliseum. Jacky said, 20 years before the Coliseum opened four Taiwan, this concert with "classic" as the theme, is to give yourself a left memories. After the completion of the twelfth Century world tour, Jacky Cheung had doubts that he can do the singing and dancing performances, he assessed physical and physical condition, and finally decided to challenge themselves. He asked for a very high, he said, since they can now open, would like to be a classic". Jacky told reporters in the conference said that this concert can be said to be "itching" because, because "the concert is love singing and acting people would love to do," he said that he is a spoiled, small performance feel fun enough, want to expand, but also with pressure is big. The Coliseum concert from December 4th to 29, 20, the said in order to prepare for the concert, the first three months at home has been singing for more than 100 times. I hope in three months of practice, to understand what the situation how to face, I hope you can do it yourself. "Now all the stage effects, dances, songs, are in my mind to think of things, when they will come together, I think it is almost to the show when there is a clear understanding of. I hope that with my experience, want to do with the effect of almost." Jacky said he also dare not speak to myself how tired, give yourself an insurance scheme, every day singing 3. Jacky said, when many other reasons based on what they want to do is not possible, so I hope this can do. As for the life the most difficult place? Jacky said life never really easy, but in the face of different time is not the same thing, "the young is developed very much, then it was important to open, how to do, do and want to do better, there will always be some invisible pressure, but.相关的主题文章: