Japanese female students killed single mother my days fall down sugus

Female students killed in Japan, a single mother: my days fell in the afternoon of November 5th, police in Tokyo in the area of the Yangtze River Song residence door. Respondents for map Jiang song (left) photos released on micro-blog. Screenshot micro-blog Name: Gender: female: Jiang song died at the age of reason died at the age of 24: accidental death time: November 3, 2016 event: female students studying in Japan Jiang song "mother was killed in a shelter, I went to the station in the wild, and now Liu Xin joined together back home". November 2nd 23 at 08 minutes, and his mother hung up after WeChat voice chat, studying in Japan, Jiang song, as usual, walking on the way home. On that day the streets were quiet, the tram came and went, and the song of the river went on for another 10 minutes, and then to the home of Tokyo, which was in the middle of the village, near the top of the 6. But far away from more than 1 thousand and 700 km outside the mother river (a pseudonym) did not think that this is the last time to hear the voice of her daughter. More than an hour later, the song was killed at home. Time is around 0:15 3. 4, 2009, Tokyo police issued a notice saying that at that time, Jiang song roommate heard the sound of the door and shouting after the alarm. But when the police arrived, the river song has been down in the two floor of the corridor in a pool of blood, the sword head was chopped, cut 10 cm long, neck and hands, there are multiple stab wounds. The hospital two hours later, Jiang song died due to excessive bleeding. By 20 years of Song Jiang and Jiang Wanqiu, micro-blog wrote in yesterday: "you are my only spiritual prop to live ah, now, my sky is falling down." The two students in the wild area is one of the largest population density in Tokyo, mainly residential areas. 2, four pm, a noise broke the calm. I heard the two floor rang for some time, said it is not japanese." Living in the first floor of the landlord said, not for a moment, they saw the tenant Jiang song and roommate out. That night, when I heard the screams of panic, the landlord did not care. Until the police arrived at the scene, they learned that Jiang song had an accident. The landlord one family still cannot believe, they first met that girl in this will be clever and sensible, henghuo. "Love this girl, when the end of March entered the house, also specially sent us China snacks." Born in Shandong, Qingdao, a village song, family is not rich. She lost her father at the age of one year, and the family depended on her mother to do some small business to make a living. In April last year, relatives were against her studying abroad. Taking into account about one hundred thousand of the annual fee, as well as the girl’s personal safety problems, they have tried to discourage Jiang song to abandon plans to stay in japan. But the mother but know that the river has always been a sensible daughter, if the idea, anyway, can not persuade. As long as the day of her flat, at the critical moment to sell a house in the home, the deposit of 200 thousand bank deposits, support for her daughter’s choice. The airport that day, saw her daughter turned into the security, Wanqiu will cry the river. "Don’t trust her a person in a foreign country, but also to the river song, not only successfully pass the Hosei University)相关的主题文章: