Japanese users puzzled 21 years old to give up the animation pr011.msi

Japanese users puzzled: 21 years old to give up the animation? Whether it is idol home or animation house, to a certain age will always produce such confusion: should I return to the three dimension? Continue to be obsessed with the two dimension, waiting for their own will be desperate? Recently, a Japanese netizens said they arrived at the age of 21 has been the animation tired, look back his or Tong Zhennan and live a muddle along without any aim. The net friend said that when he was 18 years old when it is interesting to think of animation, intends to enter the community to enjoy the fun of the fun before the two dimension, the three dimension has nothing to do with him. But by the age of 21 has been tired of watching anime, obviously last year or the joy of watching cartoon, from this year the beginning of spring was in the dumps, even in July it did not look at the highlight of the battle. He still remember watching "Rose" in the first quarter when the bulb was shocked, the characters are so lovely. On impulse, he bought the original. But now he is not only for animation, but also for the interest of the house are completely tired. Although I like anime, but in the search for life goals will not love again. Japanese netizens have commented: "you should go to see a" magical girl’s ", watching you have goals in life." "Honest brother" your name. "It’s pretty good." "There are now works like" rebellious Luluxiu "" cry "so nice. "Customers" is also 5 years ago works."相关的主题文章: