Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party in favor of the emergence of a senior female emperor invited expert-e3300

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party in favor of Senior Female Emperor invited experts to discuss – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Nikai Junhiro said 25 days this month in a recording television programs, for encouraging women to actively enter the society should allow the female emperor. The two step denied the possibility of setting up a consultative body within the party and actively discussing it, suggesting that it is necessary for the government to discuss this issue. According to reports, the two in the recording program on the Japanese emperor and the establishment of women’s palace, said, in the era of respect for women, but the emperor can not be held by the woman’s practice is very strange. Behind the times." He also said: "people will feel inappropriate." Data figure: after the Japanese royal couple two order talking to reporters about the abdication of the emperor during his lifetime he said: "we can discuss together this opportunity (and his female emperor abdicated, if reluctantly, problem) can also be considered separately." On the other hand, he stressed: This is not a decision by the Liberal Democratic Party or the establishment of a special meeting to seek expert advice." It is understood that the Japanese government’s expert meeting was in 2005 summary of women and women admitted to the emperor’s report. When the ruling Democratic Party of Japan in 2012, in order to make the female members of the royal family after marriage still remain in the royal family, so the creation of female palace family discussions and public a summary view.相关的主题文章: