Jiangsu city public transport security regulations key line with the tube zznba

Jiangsu city public transport security regulations: the key line with the crew to focus on public transport lines should be equipped with the safety of the crew, the new bus is set up at least two barrier window for escape…… In order to improve the city public traffic security ability and level, to prevent terrorist attacks and extreme violence case (things) happen, the maintenance of passenger personal and property safety, the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province comprehensive management office, Jiangsu Provincial Department of transportation and the Jiangsu provincial housing and Urban Construction Bureau jointly issued the "city of Jiangsu province public traffic crime prevention work regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), and from October 1st implementation. Correspondent Su Gongxin Modern Express reporter Tao Weizhou ZAKER Nanjing bus line to take the key with the tube according to the introduction, "said city public traffic regulations" refers to the public electric cars, city rail traffic consisting of city public transport, not including taxi. "City public transport as an important city infrastructure and public services, because of its multi points and long distance, the crowd, the security responsibility and other characteristics, it is necessary for us to take precautions." Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department official said. The "provision" clearly, the city public transportation units should be clear or public security institutions, with commensurate with the security situation and the task of defending the full-time security personnel. According to the "government purchase services, to focus on the general principle, should focus on the station, the scientific definition of operation of city public traffic vehicle line and time, with crew management, to strengthen the safety of the car. Should be in accordance with the law, the driver, operation control center and other important positions to carry out security background review. For those who are not suitable for the situation, should adjust their positions, and the relevant information to the public security organs. The new car is provided with at least two fan escape window "Regulations", an important part of city public transportation units should set up physical protection facilities and emergency riot supplies, should install emergency door control device, and is equipped with a safety hammer in the car, in accordance with national and industry standards of fire extinguishers. Public electric cars should be gradually equipped with automatic fire extinguishing equipment necessary, city rail transit vehicles shall be equipped with automatic extinguishing devices, public electric car conditions should be equipped with odor monitoring and early warning, automatic induction fire extinguishing device. Public electric car with a fully enclosed glass window, according to national and industry standards should be equipped with safety hammer or broken glass. City public transport units in response to violent terrorist attacks according to actual needs, should be set at least two fan no window in the new physical block public electric car compartment, emergency exit as emergency escape and rescue the passengers. In addition, the city public transport units should be equipped with anti-terrorism riot, emergency rescue equipment and other facilities, significantly marked the relevant safety signs, and regular inspection and maintenance, to maintain the equipment in good condition. In the city public transportation industry places, prevention to stop the illegal and criminal activities, emergency rescue and disaster relief and other national and collective interests and protect the life and property of others outstanding personnel, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Jiangsu province courageous staff incentives and protection regulations" and other reporting awards. Related to the city’s public transport to encourage the establishment of a variety of fare ticket system express (reporter Xu Hongyan) yesterday, Jiangsu.相关的主题文章: