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Because the neighbors briquette "lying" cold Ji’nan couple of carbon monoxide poisoning, how to get warm and become a big problem, especially for those who are not residents of central heating, if your house is burning briquette, be careful to maintain ventilation, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. But even if your home doesn’t burn the honeycomb, the carbon monoxide will sometimes come to the door. According to "people’s livelihood train" reported yesterday, 3 a.m., two patient emergency center hospital of Ji’nan. This is a couple, the woman is still pregnant. After examination, the couple has been identified as carbon monoxide poisoning. The man will soon be sent to the hyperbaric oxygen treatment, but the situation is a bit tricky for pregnant women. Because she has been pregnant for 28 weeks, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may have an impact on the fetus. After consultations with the family, the hospital can only general oxygen therapy for pregnant women. After treatment, the gas poisoning man has no big trouble, the most concern is the baby of the woman, now the woman’s family is considering her transferred to a more professional maternity hospital for treatment. So how is this couple involved? Reporters learned that, it is not a small family couple, people use air conditioning heating, the gas pipeline home has just been detected. Talking about this thing, pregnant mother can not help Tucao up: do not know who is at the stove, this soot will float to the house next door neighbours,, people do not recognize, we do not good evidence! Subsequently, the reporter came to the accident area, where heating pipe construction is underway. In the area of unit door door, the reporter noted that the community’s neighborhood committee posted a notice, let’s clean up in front of the building floor, the corridor of the honeycomb and debris. In the interview, the reporter also learned that, for security reasons, now a lot of families in the district are heating electricity, because there are many people have suffered from this carbon monoxide poisoning. What they want most is the heating pipe. Cold weather, this prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning must not be careless. The reporter reminds you, the following two points should be kept in mind: first, keep the environment ventilation, second, suddenly feel unwell, should immediately seek medical advice. Source: Shandong TV station

济南夫妻一氧化碳中毒 因邻居蜂窝煤取暖“躺枪”   天冷了,如何取暖又成了一个大问题,特别是对于那些没有集中供暖的居民,如果你家烧的是蜂窝煤,可得注意保持通风,防范一氧化碳中毒。不过就算你家没烧蜂窝煤,这一氧化碳有时也会找上门。   据《民生直通车》报道,昨天凌晨3点左右,济南市中心医院急诊上来了两个病号。这是一对小夫妻,女方还怀有身孕。经过检查,小两口被确认为是一氧化碳中毒。   男方很快被送到了高压氧舱进行治疗,不过孕妇的情况有点棘手。由于她已经怀孕28周,高压氧的治疗可能会对胎儿有影响。在和家人协商之后,医院只能对孕妇进行一般的吸氧治疗。   经过治疗,煤气中毒的男子已无大碍,最让人牵挂的是怀有宝宝的女子,现在女子的家人正在考虑把她转到更专业的妇产医院接受治疗。   那么这对小夫妻是如何“中招”的呢?记者了解到,还真不是人家小夫妻俩的事,人家取暖用的是空调,家里的煤气管道也是刚刚检测过的。说起这事儿来,孕妇的母亲就忍不住“吐槽”起来了:也不知道是谁家点了炉子,这煤烟就飘到家里来了,左邻右舍的,人家不承认,咱也不好取证啊!   随后,记者来到了出事的小区,这里正在进行供暖管道的施工。在小区单元门的门口,记者注意到社区居委会贴出了通知,让大伙清理楼前楼后,楼道内的蜂窝煤和杂物。   在采访中,记者也了解到,出于安全的考虑,现在这个小区的好多家庭都在用电取暖,因为有不少人吃过这一氧化碳中毒的亏。他们最盼的就是这供暖管道早点安好。   天冷了,这防范一氧化碳中毒绝对不能马虎。记者提醒您,以下两点要牢记于心:   第一保持环境的通风,第二,突然感觉不适,要立马就医。   来源:山东电视台相关的主题文章: