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Jingzhou to promote the rule of law and the government to build a detailed 44 projects for the work of the 14, the government of Jingzhou will be held to promote the construction of the rule of law, the introduction of a series of initiatives to strengthen the rule of law government. Formulate the implementation of the rule of law government building. In September 5th, the municipal government executive meeting approved the implementation of "government by law construction in Jingzhou city plan", the detailed work for government construction work of 44 projects, and one by one clear lead unit, the completion time and the assessment of accountability, the first to build a law in the province government before 2020. To establish a legal consultant system. The municipal government has hired the Renmin University of China, Wuhan University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and other colleges and universities of the 10 well-known legal experts as a legal adviser, all of the county government have established system of government legal adviser, lawyer at the end of this year into the community, into the rural areas full coverage. August 19th, the province will promote the construction of the county law society will be held in Jingzhou, the province to promote the experience of Jingzhou. Introduction of the administrative organ respondent court rules. The person in charge of the administrative organ shall clear provisions in court and responding to the examination requirements, forced the government and the departments of administration according to law. Currently the city’s administrative body in charge of the court rate of more than 85%, up by 50 percentage points over the previous year, reversing the past, officials do not see official phenomenon. Legitimacy examination becomes the necessary procedure of administrative decision making. Provisions of the executive meeting of the municipal government to discuss the issue, the name of the government issued a document and the contract must be signed by the legality of the review, to ensure that the government’s decision to run on the rule of law. This year, the Municipal Government Legislative Affairs Office to review the important documents of the municipal government more than and 50, review of the municipal government important contract (agreement) 17. Concerned about the big Chu Jingzhou, exquisite gift waiting for you to come!相关的主题文章: