Jinhua 1 uncle swallow by unexpectedly blocked anus pain in a doctor 7470d

Jinhua 1 uncle swallow by unexpectedly blocked anus pain in the doctor skilled "Oh, oh…" Doctor, I have a pain in my stomach! Originally, nearly seventy years, Uncle Chen even to stool every time became a torment, pain is also blood, even sitting in the chair and anal pain, so his family took him to the hospital in Panan county. Uncle Chen said: "I usually do not have hemorrhoids, in recent days has not eaten what special things, but these days eat more jujube." The doctor carefully accepts Wei history, touched a hard foreign body in anal examination, after a double efforts after giving out, a look is a middle head small jujube kernel. The original Uncle Chen eating dates to eat some seeds, jujube row to the anus after intestinal smooth, card row does not come out in the anus, due to human activities in daily life, defecate and other factors to stimulate the anal muscle contraction, make the seeds tip bleeding pierced the rectal mucosa cause stool. Thank you, Dr. Wei. Thank you very much!" The etiology is released, Uncle Chen said in relief county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine doctor Wei excitedly. It is the current listing of the season of winter jujube, jujube sweet taste high nutrition, with one day of three dates, ever-young "reputation, many people love to eat. The doctor warned: "do not eat jujube when read hastily and without thinking", an entrance not more than two pieces, in the mouth to eat meat, let jujube completely separated by clear nucleus, after swallow, in order to avoid unnecessary pain.相关的主题文章: