Just finished a step in Tai’an, a boy’s breath is not out of danger cosmax

Just after the end of the run, Tai’an, a boy’s breath is not out of danger, the original title: just run a step in Tai’an, a boy’s heartbeat breathing did not rescue is invalid! The afternoon of October 28th, a 17 year old boy in Tai’an after a run in the school after suddenly foaming at the mouth, when the ambulance arrived, the boy has no breathing heartbeat. Fortunately, after an emergency rescue, the boy heart beat, October 31st morning, the boy is still in the emergency intensive care unit, not out of danger. Around 2:50 on October 28th, an ambulance entered the Shandong School of transportation. A boy foaming at the mouth, become unconscious. Medical staff found that the boy has no breathing heartbeat. Medical staff immediately launched the rescue, and the boy was taken to the ambulance to the hospital. In order to medical staff for a slim chance of survival, cardiopulmonary resuscitation for boys, until sent to the hospital emergency department. 3:20 or so, the reporter came to Affiliated Hospital of Tai’an Medical College emergency department, see the resuscitation room door closed, several boys and teachers stood in the doorway anxiously waiting. Before long, the boy’s parents rushed to the hospital. It is understood that the boy is 17 years old this year, when the accident occurred, the boy just run, rest for a while after a sudden convulsions, foaming at the mouth of the symptoms. The boy’s parents told the doctor, the boy usually healthy, the heart did not find a problem. Around 3:40 p.m., the doctor came out of the emergency department and told his parents that the boy’s heart began to beat again, but it was not out of danger. Subsequently, the boy was sent to the emergency intensive care unit. October 31st morning, the reporter learned that the boy has not yet out of danger. An emergency hospital staff told reporters that every year to the autumn and winter seasons when the ambulance will be unusually busy, most of the patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Autumn and winter is the sudden death of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly, is the most common group. Reporters learned that, in the major hospitals in Tai’an, cardiovascular medicine has become the busiest department, some doctors began to busy from work, there is little time to rest in the middle. Cardiovascular medicine, a doctor said, the temperature fluctuation is a big test for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, autumn and winter, the temperature is low, indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the systolic and diastolic blood vessels suddenly, become sticky, slow blood flow, cardiac insufficiency, causes the heart burden, extremely easy to cause the onset of coronary heart disease and cerebral thrombosis. Doctors suggest that the elderly, the winter must maintain a good mood, and to ensure adequate sleep, usually drink plenty of water, eating light. Morning exercise habits of elderly people to go out the best delay time, such as high temperature and then go out some.相关的主题文章: