Kick the door for a concave rental yuan a mad man in Dazhou onavo protect

As one yuan Dazhou man kicked the door with concave rental car drivers detour overcharged 1 yuan fare, get off, he kicked the taxi passenger door…… Brother: I’m not around 4:25 yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene to see the city center square "Chinese gold" diagonally across the sidewalk parked a car licence for Sichuan S· T1165 taxi, the taxi passenger door sag a, depression and a shoe, surrounded by the crowd, two the middle-aged man is quarrel. According to the brother Zhou master introduced, yesterday afternoon, he was empty after Tongchuan bridge bridge, saw 3 people standing side by side in the street waving a taxi, the car will be opened in the past. "Mr. Wu said the first car, West Metro International, taking into account the other two taxi to Daba intersection, so they are on the bus." Zhou master told reporters after the car, he and Mr. Wu said that no matter whether blocking traffic jam to the International Metro have received 9 yuan fare. "On the way, Mr. Wu has been on the phone, the other two passengers to get off, he said to me, go to see a friend Feng Road, I had to open car with Feng lu." Zhou said the master, arrived Laifeng Road, the meter shows the fare of 9 yuan of money, he wanted to charge 8 yuan fare, but Mr. Wu said more, he finally received 6 yuan fare. "To pay the fare, Mr. Wu excited, said a few words, of course, I also." Zhou said the master, he did not expect that, after Mr. Wu got off, directly to the taxi driver’s door is a foot, immediately kicked the door concave. A week: Yibin Hotel pick slip female thermal field of Sichuan caught female celebrities charming girl Chengdu rent urban hard life to save money coed two slobber power dam filling amount equivalent to 6 real nest white Formica corrupt life club相关的主题文章: