Kindergarten suddenly closed abandoned tube Doll rental prices difficult to

The kindergarten suddenly closed "abandoned pipe" doll: the rental price is difficult to bear – Beijing, northeast news network September 29th September 26th, reflect the number of parents, "red yellow blue center" suddenly closed, the phone can not contact, the teacher said at the end of the month tuition refund in WeChat, but now WeChat is black. "The child suddenly out of school, the kindergarten is not responsible." Parents say. September kindergarten just started, a month’s course has not yet ended, why suddenly closed?. The rain parents stood in the doorway, I do not know what to do. Kindergarten Parents fameng closed in the afternoon, the reporter arrived at Guangyuan market near the "red yellow blue center", see the park closed the door locked, the house is a mess. Than parents of children standing in the rain at the door, a man holding a child. Parents Ms. Huang said: "my child in July this year, the park, on a month’s course, the kindergarten began the summer vacation. In September after school child cold, just a few days before the child back in class, the 23 day, the teacher gave me a micro channel, let me put things back to the children, and said that the kindergarten is closed." Kindergarten suddenly closed, so that Ms. Huang was caught off guard, she let the teacher in WeChat forget about her children have more than a month to go to the end of the class, as well as the cost of 1700 yuan. About the refund issue, Ms. Huang consulted the vice principal. Deputy director of the argument is that at the end of the month will give parents a unified return the remaining tuition. "Now the kindergarten has been closed, the principal can not contact, I do not believe that the vice principal, to kindergarten can give an exact date for a refund." MS Wong said. It is understood that Ms. Huang, deputy director of consulting, the other promised to transfer the way after WeChat refund. Later, Ms. Huang, deputy director of the micro contact again, find each other has been pulled black. At the same time, the presence of other parents also encountered the same situation. Asked the zoo timely refund surnamed Liu parents told reporters that the kindergarten fee is 1000 yuan per month in September 1st, just to pay the tuition for children, the children on the 22 day, now only 200 money cost? Back. "The teacher said only refund will be made by bank transfer, but no one has asked me for a bank account." The parents say. One parent said, on Friday afternoon to pick up the kids, deputy director told him to shut the garden, the boss because of rising rent, out of business. He was a child, now the child out of school, the day did not help the children, busy with work, also take the time to find the children in kindergarten. A man surnamed Ding’s parents said that her child is here for a year, the industry suddenly closed, so the delay. Nursery school also received books, children in kindergarten, had to spend money stapler. Afterwards, the zoo has not come forward to explain the specific refund time, only the deputy director told the end of the month, the specific day also don’t notice, I hope the zoo can keep his promise, don’t let us down. "My home is near, the child is very convenient to go to school, I did not expect a good kindergarten, said Huang Huang."相关的主题文章: