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Business Electrolytic manganese metal is manganese powder: metal powder is produced with electrolysis, atomization, ball milling method, they were physical change. Mainly used in diamond tools, powder metallurgy and other industries. Electrolytic manganese metal is the main body material of manufacturing manganous-manganic oxide, because of its high purity, low impurities, it is the important alloy element for producing stainless steel, high-strength low-alloy steel, aluminum manganese alloy, manganese copper alloy and so on, also the indispensable raw material for welding electrodes, ferrite, permanent magnet alloy elements, and many chemical manganese salt production; the new development damping alloy is also used in electrolytic manganese metal. In recent years, world aluminous industry become the main user of electrolytic manganese metal. In iron and steel industry, electrolytic manganese metal is also used as deoxidizer and desulfurizing agent. According to statistics, every per ton steel consume 0.06kg electrolytic manganese metal average. With the metallurgy technology developing, high performance steel and spraying metallurgy technology has great development, the electrolytic manganese metal powder application in metallurgical industry has been increasing, quantity expansion, break through the above mentioned indexes. Electrolytic manganese metal production process: electrolytic manganese metal is wet metallurgical products of manganese, in the years of china production practice, it generally use the "leaching — purification — electrolytic" production technology. Mainly use manganese carbonate powder and inorganic acid reaction, preparing manganese salt solution, adding ammonium salt as buffer agent, using the method of adding oxidant to be oxidated and removing iron, adding curing agent to remove heavy metals, through " settlement — filter — deep purification — filter " that pure manganese sulfate solution, after the additive was added, as the electrolyte into electrolytic, to produce manganese metal. Manganese powder briquetting machine is mainly used in — non-ferrous and ferrous metal powder ball agglomeration, directly smelting in the furnace, increase added value. All the metallurgical industry waste, materials need to get into furnace, were needing briquetting machine to complete. For example: pool of mud, dust, slag, iron oxide, aluminum powder, ash, Si-Mn powder etc. Manganese powder briquetting machine can be used to suppress the pulverized coal, iron, coal, aluminum, iron, iron oxide, carbon powder, charcoal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sewage sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke powder and other powder, powder, waste, waste residue, widely used in refractories, metallurgical, chemical, power plant, energy, transportation, heating and other industries, the molding material produced by briquetting machine, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient transportation, improve the utilization rate of waste, which has good economic benefit and social benefit. Manganese powder briquetting machine main motor: the V belt, to the reducer: reducer through a shaft coupling, to the drive shaft by a pair of open gear, ensure two roller axis synchronous ( isokinetic instead ) which the passive roller is composed of a hydraulic oil cylinder piston ( at constant pressure by the oblique iron counter ), composed of a hydraulic circuit and hydraulic control valve and the accumulator can guarantee the system pressure, the material from the storage bin through quantitative device evenly into the machine hopper, through the hopper gate regulation, make the material uniformly into the middle of roller, isokinetic reverse operation to roll compression molding materials single pressure changes from small to big, on the roll center line forming pressure reaches a maximum value, after material through the line, molding pressure diminishes rapidly so that the material into the removal of ball state, smooth off the ball. The requirements of manganese powder briquetting machine for molding material: particle size in 80-200 head; material does not allow with any metal, otherwise it will damage the skin surface of roller; feeds must adequate, can adopt the adjustable speed of screw feeder, observe material return quantity and adjust new material supplying. Source:..mhcmp.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: