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Four "Kung Fu Man" will see the film was like children in diffuse new hope "- Sohu entertainment" Kung Fu Man "four Sohu entertainment news October 26th, four animated film" Kung Fu Man "in Guangdong Shanwei kindergarten held adorable interesting the film will be invited, kindergarten and parents common viewing advance on a thrilling adventure, joy. Adorable funny man four fresh, fun wonderful story, let the atmosphere was deflagration. Viewing the scene turned fantasy story gained high reputation of ocean animation like animated film "Kung Fu" tells the four man in a distant God, four Knight styles together to resist the forces of evil, open the mysterious fantasy story. The process of viewing, the kindergarten kids be absorbed in, completely immersed in the joy of the adventure, as the story progresses they will show a nervous manner, but the more time is four man was laughing, the whole scene into a sea of joy. In order to enhance the viewing experience, the film side also invited the star chef after viewing their children to the delicate and delicious cake. Parents and children in addition to the film side of the warm heart behavior moved, the film itself also gives a positive evaluation, four is really cute, and very like." The pants are too funny, adorable good oh!" "The film is in line with the thinking of children, very rich imagination, is the children’s country man new hope" praise can be heard without end. Parents believe that Kung Fu four, both warm and funny, is very suitable for the whole family together to watch the animated film. The original IP Swiss children’s story making collocation well versed in the classical architectural design philosophy of "Kung Fu Man" is more than four animation practitioners after several years of time to create the original IP, the story of all animal perspective, through the four hand in hand in the domain of God Man stories show animal man and nature, the harmony, the spirit of courage, solidarity, good kernel transfer the. Plain narrative, thrilling action design, cover and contain everything convey the spirit of man "," Kung Fu four expression completely accord with children’s acceptance psychology. The film made by frame hand-painted, magnificent visual effect. Ink, and other fine brushwork painting skills, symmetrical architectural style, bright color collocation, the China classical architecture especially the design of the first royal garden to the extreme. The whole movie style refined atmosphere, but multiple changes consistent style. Producer Li Jinbao said: "we are using a craftsman method to do animation, it may take a long time, but the work can withstand scrutiny." The four animated film "Kung Fu Man" by China well-known animation Brand Company — Hefei oak Animation Co. Ltd. and Anhui animation XinDa Ltd., famous animation director Sun Youshu Liu Bangbang, CO directed, with Li Jinbao as producer. December 10th will be released nationwide, a fantasy adventure children’s feast is about to begin.   相关的主题文章: