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Lead to trouble! The Spanish Real Madrid or Zidane morata fault diagnosis pit array Sohu   ritual sports; after Ramos had to carry 4 yellow cards fight in the league, Real Madrid will be in half a month of continuous face Atletico Madrid and barcelona. Even the battle soon, Real Madrid has suffered FIFA virus attack, Real Madrid officially announced the two biceps two morata right leg injury, although the official did not disclose the Milky Way battleship morata needs a long, but the Madrid media are said to be going to rest for about 1 months. Morata had just been in the Spanish team had training and competition, and Macedonia in the game, fifty-ninth minutes to leave because of injury, when Morata’s thigh muscles have been injured. After Morata did not get a doctor for the hospital, the Spanish national team of wrong diagnosis Morata’s injury, then against England in the team’s warm-up match, Morata is played with the injury, the intense scraping led to his deteriorating condition. The club for the Spanish national team is very dissatisfied for morata injury, if the doctor can make the correct diagnosis, perhaps as long as morata after a short break to recover, at least not out for a month. This season morata performance is very good, although the time is not much, it is difficult to shake Benzema’s main position, but in Spain center in 17 games for Real Madrid scored 8 goals to beat C Ronaldo and Baer’s top scorer. The future if the truce of 1 months, morata will miss the league game against Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and La Coruna, sporting 4 games, the Champions League will be missed the game against the Lisbon athletics and the Dortmund game, the king’s cup and Leon Nessa’s second leg match will be unable to participate in the club World Cup, the fastest can only wait to return the final. Now Benzema had not yet recovered, Real Madrid team has no center for the future, Madrid Derby if Benzema can not play, Zidane will be Bianzhen 442. And although this formation BBC lack of 1 people before, but have real happiness, in the 2014-2015 season, Baer and Benzema were injured, Ancelotti is relying on this team won an amazing 22 game winning streak, even in the League 3-1 victory over barcelona. But this season for the national Derby, is likely to start in the match against Ma Jing, Ramos is likely to return ahead of schedule, but the captain is now in the League 4 to eat the yellow card, if you eat 1 pieces to the future will be automatically suspended. Such a tough battle against Atletico, if Ramos booked himself is a good thing, for in the next game, Barcelona is a clean slate for. (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: