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Marketing Wealth Masters International out of Sugar Land (Texas) offer a range of products covering financial training and education, and lifestyle training. There is an entry level product from WMI which has two main elements: finance training delivered by DVD/CD, and a network of alliances. The alliances aim to help the customer effectively deploy the finance techniques he learned about in his own life. Second and third tier products from WMI are in the form of conferences. These include both finance training and lifestyle and motivational components. The financial opportunity from Wealth Masters is to become a consultant and to earn commission from product sales. The compensation scheme is a combination of the Direct Sales scheme and the Multi-level Marketing scheme: some of the profit from sales goes to the consultant making the sale, and some is shared by the sponsoring consultant. The first, or entry level, product from WMI is the M1 Masters Course. This is partly a physical product (CDs and DVDs) delivered to the customer, and partly a group of alliances. The CDs and DVDs provide mainly financial information on subjects such as estate planning, tax strategies, asset protection etc. These are produced by the one of the company’s co-founders (Kip Herriage) and also be some of the alliance partners. A perceived disadvantage of the WMI product is that to actually use some of the financial ideas you will need to employ (and pay for) the services of some of the alliance partners. The M1 Masters Course also contains lifestyle components as well as the finance training. There is a healthy eating course provided for example, and some motivational books and movies. A financial conference (M2 Wealth Conference) is the second tier offering on WMI’s product range. There are speakers present from WMI’s alliance partners, and other speakers representing companies offering investment opportunities. There is also a lifestyle and motivational component in the conference program. WMI’s third level of product is the M3 Lifestyle Experience. In fact this is rather similar to the M2 level, but held in a more exotic offshore location, and with a greater lifestyle component. It is also more expensive than the M2 Wealth Conference product. If you are interested in WMI then you are advised to evaluate the opportunity in two ways. Firstly the products (financial and lifestyle training, alliance partnerships) may be valuable to you in their own right. Secondly when you act as a consultant for WMI you can earn commissions from sales to other individuals. In the Multi-Level Marketing paradigm consultants will sponsor (or recruit) new consultants, and will also share a fraction of the commissions from those other individuals. Earning income from the WMI will require each consultant to purchase a copy of the company products for himself. The company products are not cheap, and there are other costs such as monthly subscription costs. It has been estimated that the annual investment required by a consultant is more than $26,000 in the first year. Anyone considering joining Wealth Masters International should consider the value to themselves of the products which they are required to purchase, and they should make sure they understand the MLM business model under which the company operates. About the Author: Chris Muller, PH. D. Boston University School of Hospitality Administration 相关的主题文章: