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Let Taizhou guy 7 times an hour to do the remittance fraud recently, Taizhou Luqiao police after a month of careful investigation, destroyed a network fraud Gang, 12 suspects were arrested. Currently, the case of 12 suspects have been under criminal detention. Buy the game equipment fall trap, was a fool to cheat Luqiao District small Wu usually love to play online games. September 18th evening, Xiao Wu in order to enhance the strength and level of the game, he released the game on the network platform to buy equipment news. Want to send a message, immediately someone to find their dialogue, said the equipment to sell, and let the small five to join a QQ group. Small Wu joined the group, found that the crowd of popular very Wang, about 200 members, and most of the online state. Then, one netizen will whisper Xiao Wu, and said for the two game the baby to buy games and equipment need only 900 yuan, far lower than the market price, and let Xiao Wu through Alipay first payment. When you mentioned the first payment, Wu thought. At first, he thought the members of the group are the same as their own game enthusiasts, and to ask whether you need to pay first, and how to buy Security issues. At this time, the online group has more than one after another reply Wu, said is this the first payment, this transaction is safe, said the group credibility is very high, many of them also specifically to create the illusion of said he also often buy here, let the small Wuyibai rest assured, bold good buy. Listen to people say, Haramoto Masanobusuke Wu also really believed, immediately to each other using the Alipay account to remit 900 yuan. 900 yuan money out, when Wu waiting for the other to his game to the baby, the other is the first time to buy small five on the grounds, let him pay 301 yuan for the brush "reputation", also let Xiao Wu marked "prestige" in the use of bar. Xiao Wu feel quite normal, but there is a little doubt in my heart, vigilance of the small five and then in the QQ group asked whether really want this process, we all say to this procedure. So Xiao Wu went through Alipay paid 301 yuan. In this way, the other repeatedly for various reasons small Wu remittance, Xiao Wu has to other Alipay accounts remitted a total of 7716 yuan. When the child is full of hope that the other party to give him the game when the baby, did not expect the other party to kick out the group chat and pull the black, small Wu can no longer contact each other. Found himself deceived, Xiao Wu reported to the public security organ. Was the power of big data, quickly locked the suspect Wu received the alarm, the Luqiao Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police inquiry team eight cheated after patiently, make a good record, tidy up the related data information, and the first time reported the case to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade and intelligence center. During the fight against telecommunications network fraud at the national public security organs to carry out unified, and consider the case model, complex, inter provincial and other factors, the Criminal Investigation Brigade was immediately set up a task force to carry out investigation. The ad hoc group and Information Center for comprehensive analysis with big data, also reported the case to the Public Security Bureau of Taizhou City anti fraud centre, request support. In the anti fraud center and the task force through large data.相关的主题文章: