Li Lingyao Women’s maturity is more important than success kimi wo omou melodi

Li Lingyao: Women’s maturity is more important than the success of the new network Beijing October 23 (reporter Ma Haiyan) women are eager to happiness, but most people mistakenly believe that success is the prerequisite for happiness. Chinese American, Li Lingyao, Professor of economics at Peking University, but believes that women’s maturity is more important than success, maturity is the only way to achieve happiness. "The maturity of women is more important than success," co sponsored by Tsinghua University press and Beijing reading season. Li Lingyao, the author of the book, shares with the reader what the mother did not teach her daughter. Li Lingyao, who is a PhD in economics and an entrepreneur, has a profound understanding of women and marriage and family. She and her husband early study in the United States, 22 year old granddaughter married, now around the knee, successful career, happy family. The economist to write the female reading, Li Lingyao explained that her all year round and from between the two countries, see domestic women face confusion, want to own business for many years the family and career experience to share, to help young people to choose a good partner, guide them in their relationships in complex nourish each other mutual achievement, have long and happy the marriage. More hope that they will be able to re-examine themselves, improve themselves, beyond their own, become a mature woman. "If you want to succeed in your career, you may not have all the power in your own hands. But if you want to make your mind mature, you will have to look at your own practice. Success brings about, may be just material wealth; mature bring, but the spirit of the rich. A mature woman would love, faith and good to others, at home to the healthy growth of children, the husband encouraged family harmony, warm welcome in the workplace." Li Lingyao think. Li Lingyao said, gentle and kind-hearted, spoiled woman loved. Beautiful woman let a person love for a moment, rich connotation of a woman let a person love. Rich in content depends on education, training and knowledge. To educate a woman is to educate a family and educate the three generation. Women’s education is more important than men’s education, women’s growth and maturity, determines the highest point of the man and the child’s starting point. Chen Yiyun, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that if a person wants to get love, we must first have a mature mind, know how to love. Many people because of the lack of knowledge in this area, can not properly deal with marriage and family relations, leaving a lifetime of regret. This book through a large number of positive and negative cases, summed up the true meaning of marriage. I believe these can help women solve the wise remark of an experienced person problem in marriage. (end)相关的主题文章: