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Lin Yun Chinese American Film Festival won best newcomer award award winning Lin Yun Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Lin Yun Yun Lin took the trophy to receive the Sina entertainment news U.S. local time on the evening of November 2nd, Twelfth American Film Festival held the opening ceremony of "Golden Angel Award" awards ceremony in Losangeles. At the festival, Zhang Hanyu [micro-blog] with the domestic hot film "Mekong River action" won the best actor award, dedication brilliant performance in "old gun" in Xu Qing [micro-blog] won the best actress award at the. The China movie rookie, 95 small artistes in representative Lin Yun [micro-blog] is again the Best Newcomer Award in the bag, this is her within a week, following the Australian Film Festival won the best newcomer award after award; at the same time, it also allows Lin Ting, following the New York, Macao after the Film Festival won the fourth best newcomer award. Us Film Festival after 10 years of development and growth, has become an important bridge of communication between the two countries, as of December 2015, Sino US film festival has accumulated nearly 700 screenings of outstanding American films, both in the universities and academic institutions or cultural exchanges and cooperation in the movie the film group held the height to make us Film Festival industry. The development of China’s film industry and the continuous improvement of the quality of the film, the Chinese film will bring new talent on the stage. At the festival, Lin Yun Chinese representative rookie of the movie again the Best Newcomer Award in the bag, as a new generation of China film in international awards add success. It is worth mentioning that, earlier this week, Lin Yi in the Australian Film Festival also won the award for the Best Newcomer Award, created a week in two Best Newcomer Award for good results. Throughout the major awards in 2016, it is not difficult to find more and more new people in the center of the stage. Rookie success continue to make people happy, even more gratifying is their modest attitude and dare to dare to exchange, and the international film industry dialogue mentality. In the award for Best Newcomer Award, Lin Yun said: "I feel the trophy heavy, thanks to director Stephen Chow, thanked the Chinese American Film Festival, let me have the opportunity to come into contact with the world so many great filmmakers". Lin’s remarks are not only the embodiment of her heart, but also the Chinese film rookie of the general voice. In the eyes of new talent, development and communication has become a pursuit. Rookie who knows, only dare to go out, to break the state can improve content with staying where one is, and this is a shortcut to Chinese progress of the whole movie industry "". I believe that under the guidance of this trend of thought, Chinese film talent will be more and more on the international stage, the Chinese film to bring new development and new weather. (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: