Line 11, along the road is now a ghost car park Call for p+r mode (video) exit safe mode

Line 11, along the road is now a ghost car park? Called "P+R" mode "weekdays, empty, average daily parking less than ten", is located in the subway line 11 along the road next to the station was a ghost parking?! To live Cambridge people Mr. Gu call, the reporter visited the show along the road, found the "ghost parking lot" is people in. The capacity of 300 cars stopped only 13 cars derailed 11 line show along the subway station exit 2, you can see a row of new green fence, through the fence gap, the reporter saw the people in the "ghost parking lot": the green cement pavement, clean black is not a wild profusion of vegetation, a few scattered car parked in the empty parking space. When the afternoon peak at five p.m., the reporter drove into the parking lot, a few laps down, the entire parking lot is only 13 cars. The parking lot has more than 300 parking spaces, the utilization rate is not even 5%! Close to the subway station car park entrance, a taxi parked there waiting for passengers, the driver said: how much parking here, who will stop ah!" Guard room wearing a black security suit guy said that the parking lot is not P+R, according to the normal hours of parking fees. The guy pointed hanging bronze shiny in the guard room on the top write "small car 5 yuan per hour, more than 8 hours to 24 hours to 8 hours". "One day cap 40 yuan, the monthly words so count." Nearby residents and subway station staff said, the parking lot even in Disney park just opened the peak did not stop over, "a large open-air parking lot like this, there is a new Kang Road, is not what people stop." The reporter after the interview has been close to 6 in the evening, the parking lot is still a vehicle. Roadside sidewalk parked vehicles stood on the show along the road to look forward to the road on both sides of the restaurant, supermarket, convenience store door full of parked cars. With the parking lot beside the bus station walk into "open parking". Some drivers simply parked the car on the sidewalk and closed the door. Subway station next to the show Yi court door, four or five cars parked without scruple. A license Anhui A car parked in the crosswalk line, the windshield of the Yellow ticket proved its "illegal". Reporters along the road along the investigation, a three wheeled motorcycle ride the old man came together: "where to go?" The subway station on the new highway." "Ten dollars to go?" Originally, the subway station gathered around more than and 10 "black car" and "three Mo", many people choose to use these methods to solve the "last mile" problem. Appeal: the parking lot can be changed according to the mode of "P+R" who lives in Cambridge public Valley said a lot to take the cross rail line 11 drivers have no place to stop, and then put the car parked on the road or at the entrance area, bring hidden dangers to the residents living and transportation. The ghost car park has been cold, which is undoubtedly a waste of resources. Statistics show that Shanghai has 14 P+R parking fees are generally in the 5-10 yuan, while the ghost parking price is P+R times the parking lot of 4 times. 40 yuan P相关的主题文章: